Let’s Get Dirty and Colorful!

Another fun event will start making the beginning of 2014 colorful. The Color Manila Run 2 which will be held on January 5, 2014 in Bonifacio Global City with 3K, 5K and 10K category at Php 850.  Pricey?.. trust me, it’s worth the fun!

Color Manila Run 2

Last year, I joined the event and it was so fun! You got to run without focusing on your PR because you want to stop every color station to be dirty and colorful. Meeting every runner and having fun. At first, I’m focusing on my PR then I realized that I do not have much color on me and it was so sad seeing others as colorful as they can be. So when I saw marshals with color powder on their hand, I stop and raise my hand and said “Hit me!” and they did… making my pink visor rainbow color… hahaha… After the run, we are given also color powder to sprinkle on during the program and we dance under the colorful fog.

IMG_140615049443250          IMG_140674535018251

our before and after image with my friend Paula

IMG_140547074833250              IMG_21571542890073


Who says that I did not have fun that day.

Reminiscing, that was what you call a really fun run and you will not be surprised if you see me again this January 5, 2014.  See you there guys… Let’s get dirty and colorful!

Color Mnl shirt  color mnl shades

Race kit inclusion


Finisher Medal


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