Yes, we did get dirty and colorful… Again!

What a nice start of the year! As I promised, I will be dirty and colorful at the start of the year and I did, last January 5, 2013 at Color Manila Run. It was a blast!

The day before the run

I still has work up until 10pm and I got home around 10:30 as I was residing near my workplace.  I was excited packing my things for tomorrow and my housemate asked me “ate, san ka punta?”  I told her, I want to get dirty tomorrow and she laughed.  Luckily, despite of my excitement I slept around 11 pm.

Race day

I got up at 4:30 am as I have agreed with my running buddy, Ino Lao,  that our meet-up time will be around 5:20 am and exactly that time he arrived.  As we are approaching the venue, he told me “sub-1 tayo ha”.  I told him I just want to enjoy the race and take pictures.  He said “okay” and give me a naughty smile.

Gun start

We met with my kiddo Cliff at the starting line and at exactly 6 am the race started.  We are in the second wave so we started a few minutes after.  As our wave started to move, Ino grab my arm and started pacing fast. I knew it, with his naughty smile earlier, he really planned for a sub-1.  Cliff was also fast that both of them were dragging me to make a new PR. I was whining like a child, complaining “ang daya nyo… I just want to have fun. I want to take pictures”.  They just laughed and keep pushing me to go fast far.  I have no option but to join them but we make ways to stop for taking some pictures.  We reached the first color station, the pink station, where my fabulous diva friends Ivan and Blue were situated. Ivan saw me and sprinkled me with some pink powder.  I grab a handful of powder and throw it to Ino as he has few pink color on his shirt but on the contrary, Cliff has color pink all over his shirt and he did not like it, he think that Paula might tease him.  So when we reached the blue station and saw Angela, another fabulous diva friend, I got two handful of blue-colored powder and spread it all over Ino’s and Cliff’s shirts.  Along the route, we got to meet my other fabulous diva friends, Red and Alyna. We take pictures lying along the violet-colored pavement.  On the green lane, we met Princess and Cheska, my office friends. We sprinkled some powder to each other and tease with what we looked like.  The last color station before the U-turn slot is the orange station.  It was like you’ve entered a barrio fiesta, complete with banderitas and marching bands. It was so nice and it won the best color station award.  We took pictures with the marching band.  We really enjoyed the race.  We are like kids throwing, spreading and sprinkling colored powder with each other.  Sometimes, we will hide and surprise each other just to sprinkle handful amount of powder on each other face, shirts and hairs. Sometime, we will stop for pictures to be taken. In short, we had fun and forgot the sub-1 goal on that day.  Hahaha… I won!..


Dirty and colorful adventure during the race with my running buddy, Ino Lao, and my kiddo, Cliff Mondarte.

As we reached the finish line, runners are lining up to have some pictures taken by the photographers and we were lost on where to get a medal as there were no lines for that. Hmmmm… weird.  Another thing that caught our attention in dismay is that the hydration booth as we expected to have some sports drinks to be served, but unfortunately, it was only a cup of water. Another jam-packed area is the color packet distribution booth where plenty of runners are picking their colored powder of choice.  The colored packets were used during the program where runners will sprinkle the powder upon the countdown and dance through colored fog.  Despite some minimal dismay, the race goes well and we did have fun.


Runners enjoying the music and dancing through the colored fog.


My finisher’s medal with my scavenger’s hand… hahaha


Plain versus painted with Cliff and Ino.

After the race

We met with my friends and co-workers after the race and share our experiences during the race.  As you can see, they did too have fun.


With my friends Vihoney, Paula, Sally, Cliff, Princess and Cheska


Change costume for me with my FRD shirt (proud to be) with my friends.

Cheska, Paula, Vihoney, Cliff, Princess and Sheena


Got also to meet my fabulous diva friends from the pink station.

Blue (in pink with round shades), Ivan (the one sitting) and madder Rikki (in black Soleus shirt with her diva pose)


The guys of blue station with my fabulous friend Angela (in Captain America shirt)

In comparison with last season, I did enjoy more the latter as I have a chance to bring my camera to take pictures and meet with my running friends, color marshal friends and fabulous diva friends along the way. We had fun last season and we had fun also this season. All in all, we looked like scavengers after the race but nonetheless, WE DID GET DIRTY AND COLORFUL!  We will surely be joining Color Manila Run next year.  See you guys then.