Blood and sweat trophy, literally.

Yesterday, February 23, 2014, is one of our memorable run to date as it was our first finisher trophy as our reward for finishing the race. And it’s also a memorable moment for me as I almost didn’t finish the race. I was vomiting, feeling cold and disoriented that time but of course, hardheaded me prevailed.

Night before the race

As my usual routine every night before my race, I prepared my things for the race.  Checking all my gears, accessories and all my necessities for tomorrow’s run. I hit the sack at 9pm but unfortunately, I woke up at 11:30 as my housemates are still awake, chatting and watching television.  Irritated, I forced myself back to sleep but I slept around 1am.

Race day

My alarm woke me up around 2:30am.  I was so worried as I didn’t have enough sleep and I am sick for the past few days. I did my usual routine in the morning, breakfast (instant noodles and banana) and putting my running gears.  I called my kiddo, Cliff, to wake him up but he didn’t answer. He then sent a text message stating that he is not feeling well.  Thinking that he will not join us I rush to BHS Fullybooked as it was our rendezvous place of my running buddy, Ino at 3:30 am.  We met at exactly 3:30 and we rush to the site to be able to find a good parking place. I received a text message that Cliff will join us.  I called him and told him where to meet. Before we left the parking lot, Ino told me that he will not bring his hydration belt.  Then a thought flashed in my mind “Oh my, he will be lighter and faster, and he will drag me into that pace”… hahaha… As we are waiting for Cliff at the starting line, I bumped in to my first running buddy, Mark Montilla.  He is the one who encouraged me into running and I was very thankful for him. Before the gun starts, Cliff arrived.


With my running buddy, Ino Lao before the gun start.

Along the route

The race started exactly 4:30.  We first run along the usual running route in BGC.  Ino, Cliff, Mark are in the same pace.  But Ino was so fast as he left me and Cliff behind as he became faster.  Along the University Avenue, Cliff then need to stop as his shoe tie got loose.  Running alone, I set my playlist for motivation.  I cannot see Ino and Cliff, they are so fast. When I was near the Net Square building, Ino called me and asked me where am I as he was already traversing the Kalayaan flyover and he told me that we will just meet at Buendia.  Before, I was always nervous to run along the Kalayaan flyover due to hard inclined route but thanks to my buddy, Ino, as he trained me to run confidently along inclined planes.  After the Kalayaan flyover we took a left turn along Makati Avenue towards Ayala triangle.  I’m towards Ayala Triangle when I saw Ino coming through. He is so fast. I think he is in the first 100, we just waved hands. I am looking for Cliff but no sight of him at that time. As we make a U-turn at Ayala then turn left towards the Buendia SLEX, I felt unusual.  My stomach was growling, hyperacidity strikes.  I ignored that, thinking that I am only hungry and told myself I already took an energy gel so it will be okay.  But along Buendia, my feeling got so unusual as I started vomiting.  I feel cold and my hand are shaking.  I ignore it again, I just took a sip of water and then pour a lot to my head but it didn’t work.  I continue to vomit, I stop and walk. I tried calling Cliff but I think he didn’t hear the ring.  Then I called Ino asking where he is and I am not feeling well.  Worried, he told me to take a U-turn but I don’t know what did I say to him as I was feeling disoriented.  In one of the hydration station in Buendia, I felt someone grab my arm, it was Ino asking me if I am okay.  He told me that I am too cold and pale and told me to ride an ambulance.  I said “no, I want to finish the race”.  He told me “you have no choice, you have to stop”.  I told him “I want a trophy”.  He told me that to sit at the sidewalk and he will just finish the race and come back to me.  But I don’t want to just sit along the gutter to wait for him. I promised and told him that I will just walk and finish the race.  He agreed.  Of course, I’m hardheaded, I ran again but a little slow to my usual pace.  I saw my running friends, Mary ann and told me to keep safe.  I told her that I can manage and Ino will be back.  As I was traversing Buendia, I prayed and asked God to give me more strength and I am confident that He will let me finish the race.  Ino was calling me every now and then to be sure I am okay.  When I reached Kalayaan flyover, Ino called me to tell me that he already finished the race at 1:56… Wow! He did it! and I am so proud of him.  He asked me where am I.  I told him I’m already at Kalayaan flyover and he told me that he will run back to me.  I received a text message from Cliff asking me where am I and told him that I am still in the flyover.  When I reached the Net Square building, Ino called me and asked me where I am, I told him that I am a block away from Track 30.  He told me that he’s near the Kalayaan flyover and he realized that he just passed through me, maybe he is too worried and just rushed towards me not recognizing me along the route.  When I was in the Track 30, I saw him coming from my back. Gosh, he’s fast. He ran along with me, making sure that I am doing okay.  We then took a left turn towards the finish line, I saw my running friends shouting my name and cheering for me, “go Redg!”.  As we reached the last 100 meter, I told Ino not to cross the finish line again to avoid altering his PR data.  He told me that he don’t mind, he has his own PR but when we reached the last 10 meter, I told him to just run along the side and just meet at the end of the finish line.  I try to make some sprint to test my energy and I did. I still have energy, ha-ha!  We then meet with Cliff and we then take pictures to our precious finisher trophies.  Yeah, it’s so precious. I almost did not get it.

Thank you Lord for the keeping me strong and letting me finish the race despite my condition.  Thank you also to Ino for all the support and making me sure that I am okay.  Thank you buddy. I owe you one.


Confidently traversing the Kalayaan flyover.  Thanks to my running buddy for the training.


With Ino at the finish line


With my kiddo, Cliff at the finish line


Proud with our first finisher trophies… precious!


Bumped in with my first running buddy, Mark David Montilla.  He is the one who put me into running.  Thank you bruddah.


With my ever supportive friend, madder Rikki Suarez


The first 21k adventure of my diva friend Allan “sweet” Cabiltes with the Fabulous Running Divas as his entourage.


With my Fabulous Running Divas family

Last Thought

Finishing the race taught me few things… Know your body… Believe in yourself… Will power… Guts… Perseverance… Trusting the Lord that with him nothing is impossible and thanking him for giving me supportive and precious friends.


With my finisher trophy… Got yah!

Makati to UP Diliman LSD

Last February 9, my running buddy Ino and I decided to have LSD from Makati to UP Diliman without a backup car.  The night before, I asked my kiddo, Cliff if he wants to join us. He says that he had other plans but he’ll keep me posted if ever he decide to go. As I arrived at my home, I received a text message that Cliff is joining us.  I readily lay on my bed as I have to be up at 2:30 as our rendezvous time will be 3:15 but as always, insomnia strikes me again.

Day of the run

At exactly 2am I got up my bed (Yeah, I just got up because I haven’t slept) to eat breakfast. I called Cliff to wake him up.  It had to be 3 calls to wake him up and it took 30 minutes… hahaha. So I sent a text message to Ino if we can make it at 3:30 our meeting time. Late as ever, Cliff arrived at Market Market bus terminal at 3:20, so we decided to take a cab going to Manila Penn (our starting point) at 3:30 where we will meet Ino.


Our starting point

 As soon as we arrived there, we run immediately.  Starting from Manila Penn traversing busy street of Buendia with a sideline site-seeing of the clubs and pubs along the way (of course, I am not the one who’s enjoying that).  Then we run along the side streets of Mandaluyong which I am not familiar of.  It was at the Market at the side of the river and I will not elaborate the smell if you will ask.  The road was a little bit inclined but well-lightened. When we reached the part of San Juan, I got a little scared as Ino led as to a dark and narrow street.  Ino told Cliff that I’m becoming faster now.  Yeah, I’m faster that time because I’m scared and I don’t want to be left out… hahaha.  Then we reached a street that I am familiar with, Sta. Mesa.  We crossed the busy street of  Ramon Magsaysay Boulevard to Araneta Avenue.  When we reached the E. Rodriguez crossing, we ate the banana that Ino brought for us to replenish our energy and my hunger, as always. As we are traversing the Avenue, I already was feeling warm and fatigued but no pain still.  I want some cold water to drink and to pour to my head.  Then we turn right as we reached Quezon Avenue.  I told to myself “Yes, konti na lang UP na”.  As we are traversing the streets, I realized that the Avenue was inclined from Araneta Avenue corner up to Edsa.  I became slower then. Cliff has to wait for me as I am far behind them.  Whenever they asked me if I am okay, I told them “I want slurpee!”  Whenever we reached a 7-eleven store I shout “Slurpeeeeee!” but of course, Ino ignored that… hehehe.  As we crossed Edsa, I jokingly told them that I will ride a jeep and meet them at UP… but then again, I was  ignored… hahaha.  It was already past 5am when we reached Quezon Memorial Circle.  Luckily, I brought my mini flashlight as the pavement are uneven and dark but nonetheless, not scary because there are a lot of vendors along the side.  As we reached the entrance of UP Diliman, my sight are getting blurred (I experience that whenever I am too tired), not knowing that Ino was gesturing me an okay sign (asking me if I am okay).  I don’t even recognized him that when he came back to me. I just saw him clearly when he was 4 meters away from me.  As we reached the oblation we are still short of 1 km to make it a half-marathon run. I took an energy gel then as I was feeling hungry as we did one round around campus.  I missed running in UP, so many happy runners to see, mom and Dad running along with their kids, football players practicing and of course the best part, Rodic’s!  We endend our run earlier, so we just linger around, lounging at the sunken garden watching clouds waiting for the shopping center to open.


Mandaluyong monument


at Quezon Avenue foot bridge with my running buddy Ino


Quezon Memorial Circle


entrance going to UP Diliman campus


The famous oblation statue


running around the campus for completion of our 21km LSD


and our final stop… Rodics! with it’s famous tapsilog with Ino and Cliff

Going home… my running buddy’s little adventure

Our adventure end there but on Ino’s part is not.  This is his first time to reach his lair without a car.  Excited as he can be, we took a jeep to Quezon Avenue.  He is curious on everything, how to pay, how much, is it safe?  As we reached Quezon Avenue, at the foot of the MRT station, he was as excited as a kid.  He is running along the stairs, taking pictures, reading all the posts on the ticket booth.  His smile is so wide as he rode the train, curious on every station and sites he’s seeing across the window. He was happy that the train has cool air conditioning.  He wanted to take pictures in all angles and sides but his phone’s battery got low.  We reached the Ayala station and part ways with a wide smile. Until next adventure my running buddy.


first jeepney ride of Ino


excited to ride the train


his first MRT train ride

Hardheaded me

Last January 19 was one of my unforgettable run. Why?.. because I am having asthma attack for few days and still running for 21K.  Hardheaded right?.. Yeah, I know… hahaha.  Please don’t tell my pulmonologist, it’s our little secret (shhhh…).  Nothing to worry because on the day of the event, my breathing was manageable.

Earlier before the race

Because the race venue is at Aseana which all we know has limited parking space, me, my running buddy Ino and my kiddo Cliff opted to meet earlier than our usual rendezvous time which is an hour and a half before the gun time.  As always, looking for a parking space at Aseana is as stressful as it can be.  I hope organizers should have contingency solution for that when planning to an event at that place.  When we arrived to the place, we thought that we are too early for the event as there were few people in the activity area. We took several time to look for the starting line as there were no marshals to guide us.  At long last we saw a stage, so we assumed that will be the starting line but feeling weird because there is no sight of the starting arch.  As they are counting down for the last minutes, runners are starting to run, turning to the right and then there I saw the arch. Weird, this is the only racing event that I joined that the stage is situated far the starting line.  Anyway, maybe I am the only one who noticed that because I am such a critic (hehehe).

During the race

While running along the Macapagal Blvd near the Coastal Mall, my phone rang. It was my friend Ryan Salvador asking me if the race has already started and I told him that we are already running and the funny thing, he was still travelling along Edsa to the race venue… hahaha… “pasaway!”

I was pacing with Ino and Cliff.  At first, I can manage that but when we reached the Cavitex area, I felt fatigue.  Cliff was ahead with us. Ino cannot leave me as he still wants me to be at his pace.  Struggling to his pace, a dilemma occurred.  The cool breeze before the race was switched to a humid and sweaty feeling.  My usual routine for that is to pour water all over me but another dilemma occurred; only sport drinks are available at the hydration stations that we have been through.  Feeling humid and sweaty tend my body to get weak and I was starting to cough then.  Then before the turn to the Cavitex flyover, there is a hydration station that serves water.  I took 2 cups, one to pour to my head and one to drink.  I feel sorry for Ino as he want to run faster  but he has to wait for me.  I keep telling him that I am sorry that I cannot keep with his pace at that time.  So when we crossed the U-turn slot, he ask me if it is okay with me if he can go ahead and finish first the race then come back with me after, so I will not be pressured to run with his speed.  I agreed as I am really pressured keeping that speed at that day.

While running alone, I still keep motivating to still reach my goal of 2:30 at 21K.  I keep praying to God to please let me finish the race without an asthma attack.  I did have my headset with me so I cannot listen to my usual running playlist, I just sang it in my mind to keep me motivated and the funny thing, Ryan keep calling me where am I so he can catch me but I think I am way ahead of him as he started late.  As I reached my last 3km sign, Ino called me and told me that he already finished and he’s on his way to catch me.  As I reached the Macapagal Blvd, still no sign of Ino, I ran along with a runner that looks too tired. I told him “kuya, lapit na… konti na lang.. kaya natin ‘to”.  As we turn right, we saw the finish line.  I got strong and try to speed up to be able to reach my goal.  I did it, 2:37 and take note… I’m having asthma for the last few days.

Wondering where are my running buddies, I cannot contact them.  My phone has no network signal.  So I just keep walking wishing I’ll bump in to them but there are so many runners.  I was stuck along the crowd.  Ino and Cliff are keep calling and locating me.  Distribution of finishers’ kit has poor system.  Lines for medals and finisher shirts are too long so I have to sneak and cross line… hehehe… sorry… At last we meet after struggling through crowd.

At the activity area

My disappointment wears off when we reached the activity area.  So many freebies.  Unlimited Slurpee, ice cream, juice, chocolate drinks, chocolate bar and so much more.  We enjoyed lining up for those giveaways.  Especially with Ino and Cliff when they learned that there is a booth giving away a bunch of free condoms… hahaha.


At the activity area with my running buddy, Ino Lao


And my kiddo, Cliff



At the starting line with my running buddy, Ino

My verdict

My only complaint is the lines along the distribution area of the finisher kits.  There should be a more systematic way to segregate the lines per category for that. And also, they should alternate water and sports drinks per hydration area as some runners need water sometimes.  But all in all, we did enjoy the race.  I did have my new PR and I will definitely join the event next year.



Proud 21K finishers


Financial Fitness Run 2014

CFA Society Philippines, a non-profit professional membership organization of finance and investments practitioners, launches Financial Fitness Run as part of month-long investor awareness campaign. Aiming to improve the financial literacy among Filipinos.

Company’s overview

CFA Institute is the global association of investment professionals that sets the standard for professional excellence and credentials. The organization is a champion for ethical behavior in investment markets and a respected source of knowledge in the global financial community.

Company’s goal

To create an environment where investors’ interests come first, markets function at their best, and economies grow.

“Running has always been a well-entrenched activity in the Philippines especially to those wanting to have a healthier lifestyle. And as part of our investor awareness campaign, the Financial Fitness Run not only encourages Filipinos to become physically fit but also increases awareness on financial management,” said Gavin Lee, Vice President of CFA Society Philippines.

fin fit logo

Their first-ever event fun run will be held on February 23, 2014 at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. This will be hosted by Greentennial Run with categories of 3K, 5K, 10K and 21K.  All half-marathoner finishers will receive finisher shirts and a trophy. Yeah, you heard me right… A trophy!.. Cool right?  Lower categories finishers will each receive a medal but only the first 50 finishers will receive finishers shirt.  All runners will experience a challenging route, they will traverse the long and winding road of Kalayaan flyover but only the half-marathoners will reach the Ayala Triangle, first ever, as the turning point before going back to BGC. Whew!…  So, start training and see you at the race event.

Registration details:

Categories and Inclusions

Race categories

In-store registration sites

1.  Juego Sports Outlets

– Greenbelt 4

– Market Market

– Trinoma

– SM North Edsa

– SM Fairview

– Ali Mall

– Farmers Plaza

2.  Li-Ning Store

– Mall of Asia

– Alabang Town Center

3.  Yonex Store – SM Megamall

4.  100 Miles Café at Fort Complex, BGC

5. Second Wind

– Ortigas Home Depot

– Teacher’s Village

– Greenhills G-strip

6.  A Runners Circle, Roxas Blvd. cor Quirino St., Manila

Singlet design:


Event details:

Assembly time

gun start

Race program

Race routes

Race route for 3k and 5k

Race route for 10k

Race route for 21K

Finisher’s benefits

finisher medal

Medal for the 3k, 5k, 10k finishers

finisher shirt

Finishers shirt


Finishers trophy

Prizes and Awards


Special Awards

1. Best in Buiness Attire
2. Biggest delegation by an Institution
3. Biggest delegration by a School
4. Biggest delegation by a Runners’ Club

Race Reminders

1.  Best if you bring your own favorite cold drink. Hydration stations will be provided along the race route. Kindly throw used cups in trash bins.

2.  Medals for first 100 (50 men, 50 women) in 3k, 5k, and 10k categories.

3.  Trophies for ALL finishers in 21k category.

4.  Race proceeds even with light rain. NO RESCHEDULING or REFUND if fun run is cancelled due to force majeur. Proceeds will be donated automatically to the beneficiary.

5.  Baggage counter opens at 3:00 AM and closes at 8:00 AM.

6.  Avoid bringing valuables. Race organizers will not be responsible for losses.

7.  Organizers’ decision are FINAL.

8.  Wear racebibs at all times. Absolutely NO BANDITS allowed.

9.  Wash race shirt prior to race.

10. SAFETY FIRST. Participants must retire immediately if organizing committee found them not physically fit tocontinue the race.

11. Pay parking available near start/finish arc.

12. CFA Philppines and Greentennial are an advocate of fitness and health. No smoking in the event area.

Race Sponsors:

Platinum Sponsor
· COL Financial Group, Inc.
Silver Sponsors
· Jollibee Foods Corporation
· Philam Life Asset Management, Inc.
Bronze Sponsor
· MSCI, Inc.
Major Sponsors
· Seaoil Philippines, Inc.
· Energy Development Corporation
Minor Sponsors
· Macquarie
· Maybank ATR Kim Eng
· Cardam’s

Media Partners:
· Interaksyon TV5
· Runner’s World
· Home Radio 97.9
· DZEC Radyo Agila (1062 kHz Metro Manila)

Registration Partners
· A Runner’s Circle
· Li-ning
· Juego
· 100 Miles Café
· Yonex
· Secondwind

Race Clocks by
· Soleus

Event Partners
· Benby Enterprise
· Nivea
· Quaker Oats

Lifestyle Partner
· Urban Ashram

For More Info: 
Tel. No.                     (02) 6365411 loc. 122/125/137
Email Add.