Makati to UP Diliman LSD

Last February 9, my running buddy Ino and I decided to have LSD from Makati to UP Diliman without a backup car.  The night before, I asked my kiddo, Cliff if he wants to join us. He says that he had other plans but he’ll keep me posted if ever he decide to go. As I arrived at my home, I received a text message that Cliff is joining us.  I readily lay on my bed as I have to be up at 2:30 as our rendezvous time will be 3:15 but as always, insomnia strikes me again.

Day of the run

At exactly 2am I got up my bed (Yeah, I just got up because I haven’t slept) to eat breakfast. I called Cliff to wake him up.  It had to be 3 calls to wake him up and it took 30 minutes… hahaha. So I sent a text message to Ino if we can make it at 3:30 our meeting time. Late as ever, Cliff arrived at Market Market bus terminal at 3:20, so we decided to take a cab going to Manila Penn (our starting point) at 3:30 where we will meet Ino.


Our starting point

 As soon as we arrived there, we run immediately.  Starting from Manila Penn traversing busy street of Buendia with a sideline site-seeing of the clubs and pubs along the way (of course, I am not the one who’s enjoying that).  Then we run along the side streets of Mandaluyong which I am not familiar of.  It was at the Market at the side of the river and I will not elaborate the smell if you will ask.  The road was a little bit inclined but well-lightened. When we reached the part of San Juan, I got a little scared as Ino led as to a dark and narrow street.  Ino told Cliff that I’m becoming faster now.  Yeah, I’m faster that time because I’m scared and I don’t want to be left out… hahaha.  Then we reached a street that I am familiar with, Sta. Mesa.  We crossed the busy street of  Ramon Magsaysay Boulevard to Araneta Avenue.  When we reached the E. Rodriguez crossing, we ate the banana that Ino brought for us to replenish our energy and my hunger, as always. As we are traversing the Avenue, I already was feeling warm and fatigued but no pain still.  I want some cold water to drink and to pour to my head.  Then we turn right as we reached Quezon Avenue.  I told to myself “Yes, konti na lang UP na”.  As we are traversing the streets, I realized that the Avenue was inclined from Araneta Avenue corner up to Edsa.  I became slower then. Cliff has to wait for me as I am far behind them.  Whenever they asked me if I am okay, I told them “I want slurpee!”  Whenever we reached a 7-eleven store I shout “Slurpeeeeee!” but of course, Ino ignored that… hehehe.  As we crossed Edsa, I jokingly told them that I will ride a jeep and meet them at UP… but then again, I was  ignored… hahaha.  It was already past 5am when we reached Quezon Memorial Circle.  Luckily, I brought my mini flashlight as the pavement are uneven and dark but nonetheless, not scary because there are a lot of vendors along the side.  As we reached the entrance of UP Diliman, my sight are getting blurred (I experience that whenever I am too tired), not knowing that Ino was gesturing me an okay sign (asking me if I am okay).  I don’t even recognized him that when he came back to me. I just saw him clearly when he was 4 meters away from me.  As we reached the oblation we are still short of 1 km to make it a half-marathon run. I took an energy gel then as I was feeling hungry as we did one round around campus.  I missed running in UP, so many happy runners to see, mom and Dad running along with their kids, football players practicing and of course the best part, Rodic’s!  We endend our run earlier, so we just linger around, lounging at the sunken garden watching clouds waiting for the shopping center to open.


Mandaluyong monument


at Quezon Avenue foot bridge with my running buddy Ino


Quezon Memorial Circle


entrance going to UP Diliman campus


The famous oblation statue


running around the campus for completion of our 21km LSD


and our final stop… Rodics! with it’s famous tapsilog with Ino and Cliff

Going home… my running buddy’s little adventure

Our adventure end there but on Ino’s part is not.  This is his first time to reach his lair without a car.  Excited as he can be, we took a jeep to Quezon Avenue.  He is curious on everything, how to pay, how much, is it safe?  As we reached Quezon Avenue, at the foot of the MRT station, he was as excited as a kid.  He is running along the stairs, taking pictures, reading all the posts on the ticket booth.  His smile is so wide as he rode the train, curious on every station and sites he’s seeing across the window. He was happy that the train has cool air conditioning.  He wanted to take pictures in all angles and sides but his phone’s battery got low.  We reached the Ayala station and part ways with a wide smile. Until next adventure my running buddy.


first jeepney ride of Ino


excited to ride the train


his first MRT train ride


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