Playing by heart

Sometimes we get frustrated when some things are not happening what we expected to be but still we can still strive to get what we want,right?  How about the kids and adults with developmental disabilities?  Have you ever wondered if they are getting frustrated for having a hard time doing simple things in their daily lives? But astonishingly, they were not.  You can see them always happy and enjoying simple things as possible as they can.


What is holistic healing?

It is characterized by measurable progress as seen in manageable behavior, improved sensory integration, and increased physical, cognitive and social activity.

The Foundation

The Heart at Play Foundation provides dance movement therapy to special needs children and adults.  They cater to all ages, types and severity of diseases that are clinically diagnosed with developmental disabilities.  The foundation’s Dance Movement Therapy program employs dance exercises and techniques coupled with unique innovative interventions that result in holistic healing.

kids having fun

The foundation integrate a social aspect by making parents and guardians participate in therapy, creating a fun-filled accepting environment.

kids and parents

Another foundation’s objective is to raise community awareness and involvement geared towards the genuine acceptance and integration of special needs person in society.

the kids

Do you want to get involved?

We too can also be involved by raising awareness to our community, giving some time to participate on their activities or by sharing our blessing. You can check this link for more details.

Let us share our blessings. Please do get involved.




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