Sub-6 baby!

Run United trilogy has been a memorable part of my running life.  My first 21K in 2012 and my first 42K last year 2013 are all done in Run United Philippine Marathon. And last October 5, 2014, together with my FRD family, Mary ann, Angie, Lawrence and our ever patient diva friend Blue, conquered again our anniversary run for 42K at RUPM.

I was very nervous for days, traumatized maybe, due to my last misadventure at Milo Marathon Elimination. I don’t want to happen that again, so I make sure that I will not over-train again.

Two days before the race, I did my favorite part… hydrating and carboloading! Pasta, bread, rice and drinking 1 liter of Gatorade a day for 2 days.

The night before the race, around 6pm, I dropped by first to Banapple to buy tunapie to bring at race day for breakfast.  I hit the sack early at 7pm as our call time is 2am and I have to be up before 1am to prepare.

Race day

I got up as planned and around 1am, me and my running buddy Ino was travelling towards Mall of Asia. I cut the tunapie in half and give it to my bestfriend.  I ate my share while travelling and he kept his portion on his hydration belt. He told me that he will eat that along the route and that will be his energy gel… hahaha

We came on time.  While waiting for Blue, Mary ann, Angie and Lawrence, we did some stretching. It’s already 20 mins before the gun start and still no sight of my FRD friends so we decided to go to the starting line.

Off we go

As the gun starts, Ino told me to take it easy first. We are running 8min/km I think. It’s manageable for me. We traverse first towards the Luneta but along the route was dark, thanks to my headlamp for the guide. Ino told me to take the energy gel and salt sticks every hour to avoid any hypoglycemia and cramps. We are doing okay, we are in the middle of the pack but Ino was panicking as he was not used to the pack I was in. He told me that we are behind.  I told him “no we are not, we maybe behind the running pack but not the run-walk pack. Wait until we reached 10K and some of them will be walking already”.  And I was right, we are in the middle of the pack before the 10-km mark.

After the U-turn slot in Luneta, we took a left turn to Buendia towards BGC. I was very careful on that part as I do not want to trip again (which has happened last Milo Marathon) at the uneven ground and thanks to my headlamp.  As we reach the Makati Avenue crossing, I told to Ino that I will be slower as I want to conserve my energy for my enemy… the Kalayaan flyover.  Of course, he didn’t approve. So I have to run with his speed.  He was beginning to run faster, 7-7.5 min/km I think.  He is waiting for me and calling me when I’m falling behind, so I am running slow, fast and slow again but I realized the I may consume all my energy if I will be doing that all throughout the race. So after we reached the 25-km mark, I let him on his pace and be on my own pace 8 min/km.  I was running alone along Buendia when I saw Marky, one of my FRD friends, he was walking, so I grab his arm and told him to run with me. But before we reached the Chino Roces crossing, he told me to go on and he will just walk first. So I am running again alone. I felt my thighs begin to get tired and then I remember what my friend Alyna told me.. “when I am tired, I just sway my hips while running to switch muscle works”.  I tried it and it works! Everytime I feel my thigh is tired, I’m doing the “kembot run”.  It makes my hips do the works and relax some of my thigh muscles.

As we reached the Buendia-Roxas boulevard crossing, we turn left, take the flyover towards Baclaran church.  As I reached the 32-km mark, I checked my watch, I still have 1-1/2 hour for the last 10K so I can make it for 6 hours or less.  As we reached the U-turn at Coastal road, it was getting hot. I was pouring cold water to my head and body whenever I reached the hydration station and of course, not forgetting to take my energy gel and salt sticks.

When I reached the CCP area, I heard someone says “kaya pa?” I turned my head and saw Dr. Nelson, a radiologist in my former company where I used to work.  I told him I’m getting tired but okay.  As we traversed the Macapagal Avenue, it was getting too hot. Luckily, I have my handheld hydration bottle so I can pour water on my head to prevent headache due to hot weather.


my adventure towards sub-6

When I reached the Seaside boulevard, last 2 km, I checked my watch again, I have 16 minutes before I reach 6 hours.  Before I reached the last U-turn which is the last 1 km, I walked to conserve energy until I take the U-turn then run again.  When I reached the last 200 meters, I checked my watch, only have 10 minutes.  So when I reached the last 100 meters, I run faster and when I reached the red carpet, I pour all the energy I have. I reached the finish line at 5:55:10… Yes!.. I made it!.. Injury-free!…, Sub-6 baby!


Last thought

I was so proud to myself. The pain and sacrifice, the tears during training were all worth it! This would not be possible without the help of my FRD family, my running buddy and especially with the Lord.  Through him, nothing is impossible.

T2N2S here I come!!!


An RUPM baby eversince

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