Financial Fitness Run 2015: The Future of Finance



After the successful run last year, CFA Society Philippines again brings you the “Financial Fitness Run 2015” to be held on February 22, 2015 at BGC, Taguig City.


Theme:  The Future of Finance Starts with You.

This is a global initiative by the CFA Institute to help shape a better finance and investment industry.  The CFA Society Philippines, a member of societies of CFA Institute is taking part in this global effort by informing the investing public about the importance of being financially fit and how to be financially fit.  Runners who will participate in the FFR2015 will learn the key principles and practices on how to achieve a secure retirement and live comfortably.

To learn more about the Financial Fitness Run, please visit  Like the Financial Fitness Run facebook page to get the most recent updates, visit

To learn more about CFA institute and CFA Society Philippines, visit and and learn on how to secure your future.


Registration info:

reg and race inclusion

     pre-race inclusions:


race bibs


dri-fit singlets

     post-race inclusions:




dri-fit finisher shirt for the 21K finishers and first 50 finishers of 5K and 10K.

reg venues

Gun start:

gun start

Race maps:




Final thoughts:

I did enjoy last year’s Financial Fitness Run despite of some misadventures.  It’s where I got my first blood and sweat trophy and I am proud of it.  So what are you waiting for guys, registration is ongoing.  See you there.  Run happy….

Happy feet… Happy body… Happy me


My last year’s precious blood and sweat trophy



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