Alaska Ironkids Aquathlon

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Alaska IronKids Philippines is an annual sporting event that aims to promote the healthy and active lifestyle among children through the winning combination of proper nutrition and physical activity. The Alaska IronKids Race Series is just one of many sports development programs that Alaska conducts yearly to engage children to come out and play.

Pioneering athletic programs like the Alaska IronKids Philippines Triathlon has managed to take children away from their video game consoles, cellphones and cable TV remotes and out into the sun to swim, bike and run in triathlon races. Alaska’s sports programs hope to encourage children to get into organized sports while learning positive values like hard work, discipline, determination and teamwork.

Last April 19, 2015 at The Village, Paranaque City, Alaska Ironkids Aquathlon series was held.  Children ages 6-14 years old compete with different categories (6-8 years old, 9-10 years old, 11-12 years old, and 13-14 years old).

I was amazed with the kids’ strength and will power.  As young as 6 years old, they already have a heart of an athlete with strong will and perseverance.  And if you can see the older categories, they are HARDCORE!

But for me, the best moment I observed is when the kids do their best because their parents give all the best support that they can give.  The moment when the a kid reaches the finish line with a happy heart and her mother run towards the kid, hug and hold him and saying “This is my boy… ang galing mo anak… I’m so proud of you”.  That moment is SO PRECIOUS… SO PRICELESS!


proud kid and proud mommy

Highlights of the event:  The winners!


Samantha, Tara and Chezka Borlain

The Borlain sisters AGAIN ruled the Alaska Ironkids with Samantha first place at age 13-14 years old category, Tara first place at 11-12 years old category and Chezka third place at 6-8 years old categories.

Here are the complete list of winners:

AIK Aquathlon Winners

Other highlights:


Kids aged 6-8 years old waiting for their turn to swim


The ever supportive parents waiting for their kids at the finishline despite of the very hot weather


Mateo Guidicelli with his mom and sister cheering for his brother Paolo

Last thought:

I had fun during the event and what I observed, little kids as young as 6 years old developed a sense of discipline.  They  already have the heart of an athlete and the heart of a CHAMPION.  Thank you Alaska for helping the kids GROW LIKE A CHAMPION.


For general information about the Alaska IronKids please visit; Alaska Milk Corporation visit; and for live Twitter updates follow @ALASKAsportshub & #AlaskaIronkids.

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