GO GIRL EXPO: In Pursuit of Healthy and Active Filipino Women



In a study conducted by the World Health Organization, more women in the Philippines are considered inactive whether in occupational, non-occupational or leisure-related activities (WHO 2010).  The same study also reveals that women are more active in domestic activities than men more than ever.  Furthermore, physical inactivity may contribute to coronary disease, diabetes and obesity.

This is the reason why Jump Start, Fondo Manila and Yabang Pinoy are working together to bring the very firs GO GIRL EXPO – Empowering Healthy and Active Filipinas.  It is by promoting holistic well-being among women, healthy and active Filipinas, that we can achieve a healthy and active Philippines.  We further define a “GO GIRL!”  as a well rounded Filipina who balances life, work, play, adventure, sports and more importantly, knows how to have fun.

Go Girl Expo will be held on May 30-31, 2015 at Rockwell Tent, Makati City.  This event will be celebration of every Filipina’s pursuit and women’s success and empowerment in different fields.  The expo will feature faces of healthy and acitivce Filipinas from different walks of life, from the working Filipina to moms, from outgoing women to social women.  Furthermore, the expo will be a collection of products and services from different companies and industries who cater to the needs of a healthy and active Filipina.

The expo will also be an avenue to women’s inspiration, tapping Filipinas who are considered “Go Girl!”.  These women will share their impassioned stories of both success and struggle, how they got to where they are now, and what keeps them active despite the daily routine this age has to offer.  Their stories will be shared via different platforms at the event.

Come and be part of this milestone that will encourage Filipinas to shift from being ordinary women to being a GO GIRL!



My thoughts:

I have been asthmatic all throughout my life with severe skin asthma.  Always bounded between walls of our house.  My mom was so afraid I might get sick.  I was always teased as weak, sickly and lame but that criticism made me strive harder and prove them wrong.  First I joined a 5K run, my guy friends were laughing at me as I thought I was dying due to shortness of breath and exhaustion but that does not stop me.  As they are teasing me “lame”, I am working hard to prove them wrong, that I can do better.  I joined numerous races, from 5k to 10k.  I’ve ran more than ten 21K and five 42K.  Last year, I finished a 51-km Ultramarathon and will eventually joining aquathlon before of this year end.  I never felt so much better than before.  I never felt so much younger than before because running reduces stress and releases happy hormone.

“Running is my passion. I get high when I’m sweaty and tired.  Running full marathon is my party.  Sport drinks are my tequila.”

OneReyna tagline

GO GIRL EXPO is co-presented by GET GO – The Lifestyle Reward Program of Cebu Pacific.  

This event is sponsored by

Ever Bilena


Bo’s Coffee

Zalvaje Eyegear

Sappe Beauti Drink


Belle De Jour Power Planner


Lifthand Philippines

Fitness Gourmet

Fitness First

O2 Space Solution


Special thanks to our media partners:








Circuit Magazine

Health Junkie





Breakfast Magazine

Grid Magazine

For more information and other inquiries:

Go Girl Expo Secretariat – gogirlexpo@gmail.com


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