My Run United 2 Pacer Adventure


Last June 7, 2015, I again had a privilege to be chosen as an RU2 pacer.  It was my third time to be an RU pacer.  My first pacer duty was at RU recovery run and the second was last RU1 with the same 2:37 pacer group.  Many would thought that it would be easy for me this time as it was my second time to be grouped at 2:37 group, but it was not.  I had a hard time training.  I always suffer from severe migraine and sometimes hyperventilating due very hot weather.  That’s why the night before the race I was having butterflies in my stomach and having a hard time to sleep.

On race day, the butterflies in my stomach seems to be overpowered with excitement when I saw the runners at the starting line that were also excited for the race.  As the race go, I was happy to see familiar faces in our race group.  Some of them are the same runners who joined us last RU1 but this time, I had Banjo as our lead pacer and Sonny as our co-pacer.  In the first half of the race, we ran continuously at  7-7:20mins/km.  At the second half, we decided to do Galloway (4 minutes ran, 1 minute walk).  When we reached the 15-km mark, I felt my head lighter, my arm numb with some palpitation.  When I look at my fingernails, it was getting blue! I slow down and just walk, I signaled Banjo that I will catch up, I just have to take deep breath first.  While I was walking, I was thinking of what just happened.  How did it happened?  Am I suffering from hypoglycemia attack or my heart is not again working well or I’m not used with the Galloway strategy? I reached a chocolate bar in my pocket and took a bite.  When I reach the hydration station, I pour water in my head then started running again raising my both arms and taking deep breaths.  I did catch up in the end of our pace group with disappointment.  I still pushing some runners to run and cheering for them.  As we reached the finish line, I felt disappointed, depressed, telling myself “I think I fail”.

After the race, pacers are gathered at the pacer lounge to rest and eat breakfast.  While eating, runners from our pace group visited me, thanking me and asking to have pictures with them.  I was overwhelmed.  I jokingly told another pacer Wilbert, “ang hirap pala maging star, hindi ko na matapos yung kinakain ko… dating ng dating mga fans… hehehe“.  When I got home, I had so many notifications and private messages from them, telling their appreciation.

Some messages from the runners





Then there, I felt happy knowing that the runners are happy with their chip time.  My feeling was uplifted.  I felt good.  Runners may be so happy and thankful with us but I am more thankful to them.  They put a smile in my heart and it was PRICELESS!


Here are some of the pictures:

with the diva pacers

with the diva pacers


with our pacer coordinator Bards

with our pacer coordinator Bards

RU2 pacers

The Run United 2 pacers

Pictures with my FRD family




RU2 logo

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Enervon Activ We Got Your Bike Promo

ULAH logo

     Before I was a runner wannabe, having a hard time finishing a 5-km race.  Then in 2011, I joined Unilab Running Clinic with coach Rio as our mentor together with other coaches.  I learned a lot from them not only running tips but also good and healthy nutrition and Enervon Activ was introduced to me.  From 2011, I joined the ULAH Run United Series.  The Run United Trilogy brought so much memories to me.  My first 21K was done at Run United Philippine Marathon in 2012, my first 42K was at Run United Philippine Marathon in 2013 and last year, 2014, I made my first 50k.  All throughout my running adventure, Enervon Activ has been my buddy ever since, giving more energy, strength and stamina throughout the race.  Giving me strong finish and fast recovery after the race.  That’s why Enervon Activ will be still my buddy in my future running endeavor.


enervon activ benefits


     Unilab Active Health ultimate goal is to promote good health and help every Filipino to live a healthy lifestyle.  This year, ULAH and Enervon Activ will not only help us live a healthy lifestyle but also help us to train well with their WE GOT YOUR BIKE PROMO.


     It is a bike and sports gear raffle promo in which you can win a bike, sports gears and a lot more by just purchasing Enervon Activ.  Promo period will be from June 15 to October 15, 2015.  There will be consolation prize winners every month.


grand prize

consolation prizes


mechanic  step 1

mechanic  step 2

mechanic  step 3

mechanic  step 4



For more details, click to visit the ULAH promo:

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Sofitel Manila Half Marathon 2015


After a successful Manila Half Marathon event last year in which over 4,500 runners joined, Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila in collaboration with Runrio again stage the Sofitel Manila Half Marathon 2015.  The event will be held at the Mall of Asia Grounds which will take runners through a panoramic view of the bay area.

“With the Sofitel Manila Half Marathon, we hope to create a bigger platform and be among the world’s most popular running events attracting both amateur and professional runners.  This marathon is dedicated to the children of the Virlanie Foundation as we strive to make a difference in the lives of the children in Manila” – Coach Rio dela Cruz.


Registration Details:

race inclusion

online reg

reg sites


5K racebib

5K racebib

10K racebib

10K racebib

21K racebib

21K racebib



actual image of singlet and finisher shirt

actual image of singlet and finisher shirt

Race Details:

gun start

21k route

10k route

5k route




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Run United Philippine Marathon 2015


The much awaited third leg of Run United Trilogy, The Run United Philippine Marathon, is now here with more exciting event especially for the first time full-marathoners.  All 42K finishers will have run along the red carpet in their own finish line at One Esplanade.


Other categories will have their finish moments at Seaside area of Mall of Asia.  The event will also cater 5K and 10K categories.

Excited already?… Here are the details:











Assembly time, gun time and race route details will follow.  For more information, click the following icon to visit:

It will be my fourth year in joining the Run United Philippine Marathon and I am an RUPM baby ever since.  My first 21K was in RUPM 2012, my first 42K was in RUPM 2013 and last year also memorable as I got a new PR for 42K.  This year, I will again add another memorable moments in my running adventures and hope to see you there.


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Alaska World Milk Day 2015

milk logo

On its third year, Alaska Milk Corporation gathered Filipino families once more to celebrate the benefits of having a healthy and active lifestyle through the World Milk Day Family Run.

The World Milk Day celebration last May 31, is part of Alaska’s continuing commitment to promote proper nutrition and active lifestyle through its “Nutrition. Action. Champion” program.


This year, the celebration attracted an even bigger crowd in these four cities.  For the first time in the history, Alaska held a Family Run and Zumba activity in Manila, Baguio, Cebu and Davao simultaneously.

zumba activity

zumba grp

Alaska reinforces the importance of drinking milk and participation in sports and outdoor play among Filipinos.  It also encourage children and families nationwide to develop the habit of taking nutritious breakfast through the “Alaska for Breakfast” campaign in which breakfast stations and milk bars were set-up in all four areas which served all participants with pandesal, champorado and milk for free.  This is to encourage them to develop the habit of having a good breakfast with milk which is crucial since breakfast will provide them with nutritious energy to start the day right and get through it.

The celebration culminated in a nationwide Milk Toast at exactly 6:00am, where children and their families in the four venues simultaneously drank milk and made a pledge to a healthy and active lifestyle.

milk toast

Manila’ family run categories were 3K individual, 3K family, 5K and 10K.  There were 100m and 1K events as well for the children who wanted to join just for the adrenaline rush of the race.  In the provincial events, participants ran in a 3K category and sweat out their calories in an exhilarating Zumba party.

And I can’t let that day pass not joining the fun run.  I joined the 10K categories with my fellow blogger Banjo Asiddao as my running buddy for that day.  The route is new for me as it’s not the usual route that I always traverse or maybe because after 2 years, I think, only now that I joined again a 10K category. We had fun running as the weather is good and we had time for some “chit-chat”.

My running buddy for the day, Banjo Asiddao

My running buddy for the day, Banjo Asiddao

As I run the last 2K, the runners from other categories were merged into one route.  I saw “mamaw kids” ruling the road and who else would that be but the Borlain sisters, with their dad Ringo Borlain cheering for them.

Aside from the Borlain family, as we all know always rule the Alaska Ironkids, two siblings are now merging in the kids running scene.  Thom Smith, 14 years old and Little Darna, 8 years old.  They won that day their respective categories.  They were the kids of also known “mamaw” runners, Lakay Runner and Batanguena Runner which are also ruling the road in ultra-marathons.

mamaw family

They were introduced in running in 2012 and they started proper training with Wednesday Group of Runners last May 2014 when they were transferred from Batangas school to Makati school.  Aside from the Wednesday training, they have regular training at University of Makati under the supervision of coach Roger Dumaguit of Fort Bonifacio School.  They graduated at SMART Athletics and both awarded as two of the top 10 most outstanding students.

mamaw kids

Meet Little Darna.

flying little darna

Who can never turn his/her head on this adorable cute little girl.  The last time I saw her is at Coach Roel’s relay race .  She joined the 4 x 100m relay.  After the race, she was crying not because of pain but because she was “bitin” with the distance.  So her mother enlisted her in 4 x 400m relay. You will be amazed with her stamina, endurance and her running posture.  According to her mom, when she is wearing her Darna outfit, it will be a “pa-cute” run but beware when she wears a singlet… She means business!

me and little darna

Other Activities

As Alaska always encourages Filipinos to participate in sports and outdoor play, numerous activities where placed in the event area for the kids and the kids at heart.

kids activities

Overall, the event was successful.  Rendering families such a good venue for bonding.  From babies driven in their strollers by their mothers, to grandpas and grandmas who showed that they still have it, the Alaska World Milk Day Family Run and Zumba gathered Filipinos from all walks of life, all in the name of nutrition and health.

family bonding

family drinking milk

The celebration of the third Alaska World Mild Day puts greater emphasis on the need to combat obesity and malnutrition in the country.  According to the Food and Nutrition Research Institute’s 7th National Nutrition Survey in 2008, at least 16 million Filipinos aged 20 and above, and about 2 out of 10 children are overweight.  The yearly observance of World Milk Day through the Alaska Family Run and the Alaska for Breakfast campaign helps reverse this prevailing nutritional problem, which could lead to serious health, economic, and social implications in adulthood.


join alaska red

For more information, updates and announcements, click to follow:


Special thanks to:

Batanguena Runner

Lakay Runner

Tess Domingo Pantano

title sponsor

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Families, friends pedal for health and nutrition at Alaska Cycle Asia Philippines



Another iteration of Alaska Cycle Philippines was set gathering families and friends for an even bigger and more fun cycling challenge from May 15 to 17 at the SM Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City.

From children as young as two years old to parents and grandparents, Alaska Cycle Philippines opened its door once more to cyclist of all ages and abilities in its quest to promote proper nutrition and a healthy, active lifestyle.  Whether you own a bike or not, you can participate in this year’s challenge and enjoy pedaling on a closed road manned by race marshals and protected by safety barriers.

This year’s race was divided into even greater categories: A 100m/500m Tricycle Ride for young children ages 2 to 5 years, the 5.5-km Kids Ride open to children ages 6 to 10, and 30-minute Junior Challenge for ages 10 to 12.



There is also a 20-km Community Ride for people age 10 and above, a 20-km Foldies Community Ride catering to a growing community of folding bike cyclist, and the 40-km Challenge for individuals and teams aged 14 and above.


Unique in this year’s race is the 20-km Individual Community Ride with Bike, wherein, even though you don’t have a bicycle, you can still join the race by registering and paying a fee of 6,000 pesos.  Participants in this category got a bike which they brought home after the race!

Challenge competitors and cyclists joining just for the fun of it got some awesome freebies in their ride pack: an Alaska race jersey, Alaska waterproof pouch, an Alaska bag, and special pair of cool Rudy Project sunglasses for Kiddie Riders only.  Finishers also got a beautifully crafted medal from Alaska.

Alaska Cycle Philippines is an annual cycling event organized by Cycle Asia, in partnership with Alaska and Sunrise Events.  The event is part of Cycle Asia’s network of premier cycling events across the region that offers participants the rare opportunity to ride on safe, closed public roads in major Asian cities.  Different iterations of the race have been held in Singapore and Malaysia, with plans for similar events in Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Myanmar, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

cute little girl pedaling towards the finishline

cute little girl pedaling towards the finishline

In the Philippines, this event is part of Alaska’s “NUTRITION. ACTION. CHAMPION.” program of promoting a healthy and active lifestyle through sports participation and milk consumption.  Through events like Cycle Philippines, Alaska hopes to reverse the effects of obesity and malnutrition in the country.

According to the Food and Nutrition Research Institute’s (FNRI) 7th National Nutrition Survey in 2008, about 2 out of 10 Filipino children, and at least 16 million Filipinos, are overweight.  With low levels of physical activity, being overweight can lead to serious heart problems and diabetes at the young age, leading to serious health, financial, and social implications in adulthood.

With Alaska Cycle Philippines, Filipinos can be part of a community activity that would help them become physically fit and healthy, enabling them to become champions in life.

cycleasia logo

join alaska red

For more information about Alaska Cycle Philippines, visit by clicking the following buttons:

organized by

sunrise events


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when and where 2

how far

ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation is the beneficiary of this event.  Every kilometer you make will be a contribution to the operation and treatment of Bantay Bata 163’s medical patients.

An Energizer battery meter will be shown through an LED-light display on stage, at the 1.5 km mark and in the start and finish arc.  The objective is to make the participants run and finish as many 3-km loop as they can within the 2-hour given time.  Every 3-km loop a runner makes, a Php 100 donation will be given to Bantay Bata 163.

reg details

inclusion edited




1.  RUNNING ATTIRE – each participant must wear their singlet, race bib, shoe tag, Energizer cap and headlight at all times during the run.

2.  STARTING AREA – Pacers will be designated to guide the runners.  Competitive runners must stay in the from while leisure runners and participants running with kids must stay at the back area.

3.  RUN DURATION – runners may begin at any time after the 7pm gun start and do as many loops at their individual pace within the 2-hour given time.  Cut-off will be at exactly 9pm by which time all runners will be asked to return through the race arch.

4.  EXIT POINTS – runners who wish to retire before the cut-off time are advised to do so at the 3km exit point to complete a full loop.  Otherwise, exit points are available at the 1-km and 2-km marks with service vehicles to transport retiring  participants to the event area every 15 minutes.

5.  MINORS – children below 7 years old on June 27, 2015 are not allowed to join the run.  Participants below 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult throughout the race.

6.  SAFETY – in the interest of safety and camaraderie, runners must proceed with caution.  event marshals are authorized to remove from the route anyone deemed as threat to the safety and security of event participants.

7  FIRST AID AND WATER STATIONS  are available during the run.  Runners who feel unwell must immediately retire from the course and seek assistance from the marshals.

8.  FINISHERS must immediately surrender loop cords at the finish line for recording.

9.  THE ORGANIZER may change without prior notice any of the rules and regulations deemed necessary for the success and safety of the event.  The Organizer’s decision is final.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, visit them by clicking the buttons:



The brains behind the Energizer Night Run together with the ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation heads

The brains behind the Energizer Night Run together with the ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation heads


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