My Run United 2 Pacer Adventure


Last June 7, 2015, I again had a privilege to be chosen as an RU2 pacer.  It was my third time to be an RU pacer.  My first pacer duty was at RU recovery run and the second was last RU1 with the same 2:37 pacer group.  Many would thought that it would be easy for me this time as it was my second time to be grouped at 2:37 group, but it was not.  I had a hard time training.  I always suffer from severe migraine and sometimes hyperventilating due very hot weather.  That’s why the night before the race I was having butterflies in my stomach and having a hard time to sleep.

On race day, the butterflies in my stomach seems to be overpowered with excitement when I saw the runners at the starting line that were also excited for the race.  As the race go, I was happy to see familiar faces in our race group.  Some of them are the same runners who joined us last RU1 but this time, I had Banjo as our lead pacer and Sonny as our co-pacer.  In the first half of the race, we ran continuously at  7-7:20mins/km.  At the second half, we decided to do Galloway (4 minutes ran, 1 minute walk).  When we reached the 15-km mark, I felt my head lighter, my arm numb with some palpitation.  When I look at my fingernails, it was getting blue! I slow down and just walk, I signaled Banjo that I will catch up, I just have to take deep breath first.  While I was walking, I was thinking of what just happened.  How did it happened?  Am I suffering from hypoglycemia attack or my heart is not again working well or I’m not used with the Galloway strategy? I reached a chocolate bar in my pocket and took a bite.  When I reach the hydration station, I pour water in my head then started running again raising my both arms and taking deep breaths.  I did catch up in the end of our pace group with disappointment.  I still pushing some runners to run and cheering for them.  As we reached the finish line, I felt disappointed, depressed, telling myself “I think I fail”.

After the race, pacers are gathered at the pacer lounge to rest and eat breakfast.  While eating, runners from our pace group visited me, thanking me and asking to have pictures with them.  I was overwhelmed.  I jokingly told another pacer Wilbert, “ang hirap pala maging star, hindi ko na matapos yung kinakain ko… dating ng dating mga fans… hehehe“.  When I got home, I had so many notifications and private messages from them, telling their appreciation.

Some messages from the runners





Then there, I felt happy knowing that the runners are happy with their chip time.  My feeling was uplifted.  I felt good.  Runners may be so happy and thankful with us but I am more thankful to them.  They put a smile in my heart and it was PRICELESS!


Here are some of the pictures:

with the diva pacers

with the diva pacers


with our pacer coordinator Bards

with our pacer coordinator Bards

RU2 pacers

The Run United 2 pacers

Pictures with my FRD family




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