1st EntrepRUN: A Run for Success


As the Association of Filipino Franchisers (AFFI Empowering Entrepreneurs) is celebrating their 18 years of triumphs and continuing advocacy to support young entrepreneurs, they came up with a running event, “The First EntrepRun: A Run for Success”.  This event will not only promote good health but also to promote entrepreneurship throughout the country.

“It is more than a fun run. The event will showcase various business industries and stakeholders to demonstrate solidarity in advocating entrepreneurship. Part of our goals is to generate funds for our corporate social responsibility program which aims to help the next generation of young entrepreneurs launch their business concepts through seminar and business clinics.  We firmly believe that entrepreneurship contributes toward alleviating poverty and nation-building by way of a more robust economy.” – AFFI

The event will be held on Sunday, September 6, 2015 at CCP Complex and will feature a festival area in which partners’ brands will be showcased through product samples, flyers and brochures.

Check out the details.

reg details


reg sites


actual photo of the singlet

actual photo of the singlet

finisher kit



Following the run are Breakfast Mentoring Sessions open to the runners who want to improve their knowledge in business, or for those who are planning to set up their own business or franchises.

“We support the balance of business, health and family through running.” – AFFI

The AFFI EntrepRun Ambassadors

The AFFI EntrepRun Ambassadors

For more details, visit their sites by clicking the buttons:



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