AXA encourages Filipinos to #FailProof Your Health

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Launches online quiz to measure health risk


AXA Philippines, one of the country’s largest and fastest growing life insurance companies, launched its latest campaign #FailProof Your Health, as part of its advocacy to create awareness on the prevention of lifestyle diseases or critical illnesses such as heart disease, stroke, and cancer, and protect oneself from its financial impact.


Amor Balagtas

“Since we launched our first health campaign in 2014, there has been greater awareness in general for the need to live healthier lives and prepare financially for major health emergencies,” says Amor Balagtas, Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer of AXA Philippines. “Now, we want to make health awareness more tangible for the common Filipino by developing this online quiz that gives them their Health Risk Score.”

“The quiz or calculator is absolutely free and can easily be accessed on our website (,” Balagtas explains. “While living a healthy lifestyle, such as eating properly or exercising regularly, lessens our risk of developing a critical illness, there are other factors that come into play that we have less control of, such as age, gender, heredity, and perhaps even external stress.”

“By knowing their Health Risk Score, we give Filipinos a chance to know their baseline health condition, so that they can find concrete ways to make themselves healthier and avoid suffering from heart attack, stroke, or cancer,” she said.

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Health Partners

In the past few years, AXA has partnered with several private, government, and non-government organizations (NGO) to promote health prevention and protection. These include the Department of Health (DOH), Philippine Cancer Society (PCS), Philippine Heart Association (PHA) Manila Doctors Hospital, and the Philippine Red Cross (PRC).

AXA has also been a strong supporter of Senate Bill 3016 (a.k.a the Samboy Lim bill) that requires mandatory Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training for students before graduation. AXA also recently participated in a nationwide mass CPR training led by the Philippine Heart Association which was conducted simultaneously in over 50 sites around the country, with over 300,000 participants.

Moreover, the company has conducted hundreds of “AXA Health Day” sessions the past two years in various AXA, Metrobank, and PSBank branches nationwide. These sessions include free blood pressure and blood sugar monitoring, as well as the measurement of Body Fat Percentage, Body Mass Index (BMI), and Waist-to-Hip (WHR) ratio, key health measures identified by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Health Ambassadors

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Supporting AXA’s health campaign are two social media personalities — James Deakin and Erika Flores-Reyes more popularly known to her followers as “RikiFlo.” Deakin is an award-winning multimedia motoring journalist, TV host, freelance writer, blogger, and columnist, who recently shared about his shock when he found out that his mother and tita were both diagnosed with cancer at the same time. As a show of support, Deakin, a known car enthusiast, had his car painted bright pink which he says “is the official color for breast cancer.” His post has since gone viral, and has helped create awareness for breast cancer screening. His car, which he has now fondly named “Pink Panther,” has gone the rounds around the metro with the names and signatures of hundreds of people written on the surface of the car, as a sign of support and solidarity against cancer.

On the other hand, Erika Reyes, better known by her stage name “Riki Flo” is a popular radio DJ, sports broadcaster, and event host who has been a strong advocate against cancer for several years. Riki Flo is a firm believer that healthy living is important, and that certain lifestyle shifts are needed to avoid contracting illnesses.

In its previous health campaign, AXA asked celebrity mom Camille Prats to share her personal experience dealing with throat cancer that claimed the life of her husband Anthony Linsangan who was only 31 years old, just a few years after their wedding.

New Health Products

Part of AXA’s health campaign is the introduction of new and innovative health products or health solutions in the market.

“We just recently launched three new products to boost our health offer in the market,” Balagtas adds. “We have Life Basix Plus and Axelerator Plus which are both all-in-one ‘investment-health-and-life insurance’ product bundles. We also introduced Global Health Access, a worldwide comprehensive health coverage plan, which allows consumers to avail the best healthcare anywhere in the Philippines or abroad.”

The three new products add to the extensive health portfolio of AXA Philippines, which include Health Max, Health Exentials, and SME Employee Protexion, all of which were launched successfully in 2014.

“With our current mix of health solutions, we ensure that we have a product or solution that is right for you,” concludes Balagtas. “We want every Filipino to not only live a healthier lifestyle, but to also get the proper health coverage. That is why we want to tell every Filipino to #FailProof Your Health.”

To learn more about new AXA Philippines health products, read more here.

At the Media Launch

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Thank you Ride Revolution for another fun and exciting ride.  Hope to ride with you again.

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