Adidas Women FitSquad Jump Sesh at UP Town Center


Last July 28, 2016, the Adidas Women FitSquad Philippines once again had their fitness workout done at the UP Town Center.  The workout was held after the unveiling of the newest Adidas store at the 3rd level of UP Town Center in Quezon City.  The store is the Philippines first ever HomeCourt store.  You can read more about the store unveiling here.

This month’s workout session was lead by extraordinary fitness designer and yoga teacher Nikki Torres.

unspecified (9)

Nikki Torres

The workout session was scheduled at 4pm.  Some FitSquad girls are early, including me and my friends, as we are there during the HomeCourt unveiling and to have an ample time to change into our Adidas workout gear and do some chitchats with the girls.

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The workout is all about plyometrics, bodyweight, and cardio training and boy… it got my heart really pump up and I like it.  I drank 1 liter of water (thank you to my FRD friend Mary Ann for giving me her extra bottle of water) because I think I excreted 3 liter of sweat that day… hahaha

Here is the glimpse of our workout session.

Here are the winners of the jump shot contest held after the workout session.

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I really had fun working out with the girls though my butt hurts for 2 days, I am still looking forward for another #AdidasFitSquadPh session.  See you girls soon! Mwah!

fitsquad line


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