Ladies of Adidas FitSquad PH nailed the Triple Threat Training at Step Dance Studio


Another invigorating workout presented by Adidas Philippines, who has been supporting women in fitness, along with the Adidas Women FitSquad of the Philippines was held at Step Dance Studio in Makati City last September 28, 2016.  The workout was dubbed as “Triple-Threat Training” led by Irish Planes.

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The session is all about Barre3 workout.  It is a combination of the graceful movements of ballet, meditative mind and body exercises of yoga, plus the core strengthening and stability training of pilates.

This is how we roll

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The session was divided into 2 classes and after each session they conducted video contest in which a group of three will have to make a video doing a synchronized Barre 3 move.

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participants doing their Barre 3 move

I was hesitant at first as I was not really into joining contest or competition but my friend Bards and Kara insisted to join them as Divine was too shy to do so.  And so I obliged submitting our entry at the last minute and viola!.. we won!.. hahaha… Thank you AdidasPh!



Our winning piece

This is my first time to try it and I am really not into that kind of workout but the one thing I’ve learned with Barre3 is that with small and simple movements bring lots of benefits:

  • It targets every core muscle group that was neglected in some conventional strength training program which is helpful to activities and sports that requires endurance and greater range of motion.
  • Unlike other workout, it is only hard on muscles but not on joints. With small controlled movements it has less pressure on our joints, spine, ligament and tendons.
  • Doing it regularly will improve our posture and core strength which very important to a runner like me.
  • The tiny movements and several repetitions fatigue our muscles and forcing it to tone without lifting heavy weights.
  • With improved range of motion, it will also increase our flexibility.
  • Everyone can do it. No age restrictions.  No experience required. And you can do it with your friends.

Enjoying the session with my friends

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And I had a blast doing it with my #AdidasFitSquadPh sisters! We nailed it guys!  Thank you #AdidasPh for a fun and invigorating workout session.  Until next workout!




2 responses to “Ladies of Adidas FitSquad PH nailed the Triple Threat Training at Step Dance Studio

  1. Hi!

    I would like to know how you were able to join such events from adidas? As i am embarking on my fitness journey lately.

    Thank you,


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