2016 Guam Thanksgiving Dragon Boat Festival


Mindset Events and Production, a Philippine Organization, in partnership with the  Guam ACES (Athletes, Communities, Educators, Students) Incorporated, a Non-Profit Organization based in Tamuning, Guam, with the prime purpose of instituting programs for the development of Athletes, Communities, Educators and Students in Guam and other neighboring countries, in organizing the “2016 Guam Thanksgiving Day Dragon Boat Festival”on November 18-20, 2016 at Matapang Beach in Tumon, Guam.

It’s the first International Dragon Boat Race that Guam will host thru Guam ACES, Inc. The goal and concept of the event is designed to enhance relationships through friendly competition among the local and international club crews. We believe that this event will allow the exchange of cultural experiences among different Dragon Boat Clubs from other countries and putting Guam as one of the Dragon Boat venues in the world.  Participating countries are Philippines, Hongkong, Taiwan and the Local Crews from Guam.
Dragon Boating, the second fastest growing sport in the world is on its way to becoming firmly established as a recreational and competitive team sport in Guam.  For the past years, Guam held races for the locals and Guam have participated in International Events but never hosted one.  Races like Commemorative 9/11 Dragon Boat Race brings Dragon Boat clubs from Guam as a form of recreation and get together of enthusiast.

On November 19 – 20, Guam ACES Inc. will be hosting an International Dragon Boat Festival that would bring teams from the Philippines, Hongkong and Taiwan.  This would bring World Class Dragon Boat Race in the island of Guam and hopefully pave the way of hosting more International Competitions in the Island.

The Philippine National Team – Philippine Canoe Kayak and Dragon Boat Federation will also be joining the event.  A week before this event, the Philippines will also be hosting the Asian Dragon Boat Championship for the first time that will be held at Puerto Princesa, Palawan; delegates from other countries including Guam will be participating.  You can read the details here.

Divisions, Racing & Competition Classes and Distances

Participating Clubs must provide a minimum of 4 entries for each competition class.






Competition Regulations and Racing Rules

The 1st Thanksgiving Day Dragon Boat Festival will comply with IDBF Competition Regulations and will be under the IDBF Rules of Racing and is sanctioned by the Guam Dragon Boat Federation.  Guam Dragon Boat Federation will provide technical support and will be inviting the local teams.  You may contact Mr. Gordon T.C. Chu, Honorary Life President of the Guam Dragon Boat Federation at + 1 671 6464410 and e-mail at Gordon_Chu@udcguam.com for any clarifications.

During the PressCon

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Sponsorship Program

We are delighted to present “2016 Guam Thanksgiving Day Dragon Boat Festival” sponsorship package and media mileage to be held at the Matapang Beach, Tumon, Guam on November 18-20, 2016.

Why Sponsor the 1st Guam Thanksgiving Day Dragon Boat Festival?

The 1st Guam Thanksgiving Day Dragon Boat Festival will be the first International Dragon Boat Competitions to be held in the Island of Guam.  This is also the first International Competition to be held in Micronesia.  This is one of the premier community outreach opportunities of Guam ACES Inc. for the benefit of Guam Dragon Boat Federation who are in need of additional equipment, such as boat, buoy and markers, to promote   the sport in the Island. While supporting the Guam Dragon Boat Federation through the Guam ACES Inc., you have the opportunity for tremendous recognition for your organization.


Race Magazine will served as the official souvenir program during the event in Guam and it will also feature other sponsors and teams from participating countries.

Mindset Events and Production the official Philippine partner of Guam ACES, Inc. would like to seek for support from your company/organization for the event and representing teams.   We believe with your support/partnership, the first Guam International Dragon Boat Race will be a success.

Should you require further assistance or for sponsorship/partnership, please feel to contact Sheila Leyva at +63 916 3366855 / sdleyva@mindset.ph or the undersigned Girlie Malaran at +63 9178110307 / girliemalaran@gmail.com




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