Mind and Body Challenge

Every weekend, me and my running buddy are doing an LSD in preparation of our upcoming full marathon race in October. Last Saturday, September 6, we ought to have a 21K LSD run but unfortunately due to my buddy’s busy schedule, he rescheduled it the next day even we have a fun run to attend to. And as challenging and crazy always, Ino has planned to do a before and after run.  Meaning?… I’m dead!

Race Day

The gun time is at 5:30 but as planned, we started running at 4am from Makati Ave to the Turf. As his usual pace, fast, I cannot catch up due my empty stomach.  I haven’t taken anything yet and I am not used in running with an empty stomach. My stomach is growling and I have no energy to burn.  Upon entering the BGC, I ask my bestfriend if we can drop by 7-11 at South of Market to grab some food. I bought siopao and a bottle of water. I asked Ino if he want some but he resisted.  He is not used of having breakfast before the run. You think we stopped there?.. No!.. I am eating while running. Maybe Ino was training me for an ultramarathon technique… eating while running to gain energy while not losing PR…hahaha.

As we arrived at the starting line, we’re still short of 500 meters, so we just log in our racebibs and greet my teammates and off for 500m around the Turf to make it 6k pre-race run.  After the warm-up, we took some pictures as our tradition (before and after pics), so we have decent-looking pictures. But look!… Oh my… my friends call it “haggardness and oiliness”… hahaha

10358877_10204734848721649_9209998726370930948_n (2)

With my FRD friends, coach Mherlz and Ino


with my bestfriend Ino at the starting line


break-in of our new running shoes… the sole buddies

Starting line

The usual routine of a race is warm-up before the gun start.  It was zumba time.  My FRD friends were having fun dancing zumba and also Ino, but unfortunately I didn’t take clear videos of him dancing zumba as I was just pretending nothing is happening… hehehe. As I was having fun dancing the zumba, I didn’t notice the time.  I thought the gun start is 5:30 but it’s already past that time.


runners having fun dancing zumba

And the gun goes off for the 10K runners at 6am.  My bestfriend started in his usual pace, fast and I should catch up but was tired already, so I was slower than his pace. The route comprises of challenges. For the first kilometers, there are various inflatable obstacle courses.  We entered one, you have to get through first to a hole then cross the inflatable diagonal bars. As I crossed the diagonal bars, I tripped and fell.  Due to its bar flexibility and smoothness, I had a hard time standing.  Ino was just watching me, not helping me to get up.  He’s laughing at me… hmp! Luckily, one runner helped me. While running, Ino is not still getting over what happened to me. He’s still laughing and telling me that I looked ridiculous out there. “I hate you bestfriend”… hehehe.

We ran the usual 10K BGC route which include my enemy route, the Kalayaan flyover.  I was tired then when we crossed the flyover but Ino was always going back for me to pace me.  After the flyover, we reached the Mind Museum area, there is another obstacle, the tire run obstacle course.  I told Ino that he should do the obstacles and I would be the one taking pictures. The tires are too small for Ino’s feet.  Whenever he put his foot inside a tire, his foot get stuck… revenge! hahaha… As our run goes on, I noticed that it’s getting hot and I am thirsty but the hydration stations are situated way apart.

There are also tents situated along the route which consist of brain challenges. There is a question posted outside the tent and you have to pick and enter the tent that you think has the right answer.

There is also a monkey bar which is not too high as Ino need not to exert effort on reaching those bars. As we reached the last 500-meter mark, we passed by a maze which is not very challenging as we just follow the runners infront of us.


challenges along the route

As we reached the finish line, there is a long line.  I thought it’s a finisher medal line but it’s a hydration station.  At last, cold water! I was looking for someone to take out our bar code to check our chip time but no one is there.  We are pointed to a line that we thought would be the verification line but it was where you get your loot bag. We linger a bit to check the booth but the place was too congested.  Not that there are too many runners but the booth was squeezed in one road. And my buddy was disappointed not able taste any sample of Ensure drink as they run out of it.


some activities at the event venue

After that we just bid goodbyes to my FRD friends as we still have to run 5K to finish our 21K LSD run.


my bestfriend enjoying the route

Post-race run

As we continue our LSD, we run back to Makati. The sun was so mad as I was perspiring too much, making me weak and tired.  I was doing walk-jog routine because my foot arch starting to hurt. Maybe because my feet are still adjusting to my new running shoes as it’s my first time to try Asics.  As we reached our so-called finish line at Ayala triangle, I was exhausted and I wanted to dip into an ice-cold bath.


Despite of hot weather, I had fun

Last thought

The first thing that crossed my mind while we are running is the “hydration station”. I think there are only 3 water stations along the 10K route. This is the only 10K run that I felt so thirsty. And the other thing is the “punctuality”.  As per program, gun time for 10K should start at 5:30 but it started 30 minutes late. Making the runners traverse my ever-enemy route Kalayaan flyover over under an angry sun.  Another one is the “obstacles”, the route will be more exciting and fun if only marshals implement all runners to try the obstacles.  I too is guilty of not doing it… hehehe

And of course, I have to get my bestfriend’s thoughts about the race and one complaint he has is the loot bag. He says “why are there no Ensure samples in the bag as it was an Ensure run, only detergents”. Guys, let’s give him the benefit.  He was tired and thirsty and the weather is so hot, and he wasn’t able to taste the Ensure sample at the event as they run out of it… hehehe

Nonetheless, we did enjoy the run despite of our various complaints.  We are looking forward to another fun run like this.


OneReyna tagline

My 8th half-marathon

Last March 16, 2014 was the first leg of the Run United Trilogy of Unilab Active Health.  The event was held at SM Mall of Asia ground.  That was my 8th half-marathon run but to tell you the truth, I am super nervous for that event as I am afraid that I will be sick again like my last 21K run.

Night before the race

As my usual work schedule, I have a shift the day before race day until 10pm.  To avoid any hassle in my sleeping pattern, I slept in our office loft as it was very cozy there and I thought that I would have a good night sleep.  As a nervous as I am, I become restless, I bumped my head in the headboard while I was arranging the pillows (yeah I admit, I’m a jinx every time I was sleepy and nervous… hehehe) causing a large bump on my head (facepalm).  I fall asleep around 11 pm due to dizziness, I think. Hahaha.

On race day

I woke up earlier than my alarm as I dreamt that I was late for the race, maybe that’s due to my nervousness.  I immediately got up, took a bath and ate my usual breakfast before every run.  I took a cab to our usual rendezvous.  I arrived exactly 3am but my running buddy arrived at 3:13 (another facepalm).  We rushed to the event site as we have to find a parking space.  My running buddy brought banana and gave one to me but as nervous as I am, I forgot to ate them.  I was just staring at the car window.  We arrived at the venue at exactly 3:30 but as my usual jitter regimen, I have to rush to the nearest restroom.  Sadly, long line awaits me there and when we got to the starting line, we were situated far back, together with the second wave of runners.  I was so quiet then.  My running buddy Ino was asking me if I am okay and told me “Are you nervous? Don’t be, just listen to your body. We can do this.  We have enough training.”


At the starting line before the gun start with my running buddy, Ino Lao.

Along the route

The race started exactly 4:00 but as we belong to the second wave, we have to wait 7 minutes before we start to run.  As the second wave started, my nervousness diminished.  It was replaced by eagerness to run fast as Ino and I want to reach the first wave.  There are so many runners in different pace that we tend run at the side, at the walkways.  Ino was so fast that he told me that we will just meet along the U turns.  As I was running, I bumped in to an old friend, Joeven.  I told him to just pace with me but he jokingly said “ayaw”, then he left me but unfortunately for him, I passed him along the Baywalk (hehehe). It was still early as some of the route is so dark especially along Buendia, Roxas boulevard.  I tried to make a 7min/km but I easily got tired.  So what I did was to combined it with easy jog for a minute or two.  We passed through 2 flyover along Roxas boulevard.  As my usual technique, I make my uphill 8-8.5min/km and my downhill is 6.5-7min/km.  Man, that was exhausting but I managed to do that, thank you Lord.  When I reached the Roxas Boulevard along Baywalk, I realized that I was in the almost middle pack of the first wave, yehey!  Then I saw Ino coming from Luneta running along the first pack of wave 1.  Gosh! He is so fast but looked exhausted.  He just told me that he will finish the race then get back to me (our usual routine).  As I reached kilometer zero and make a U turn, my energy perk up as I was happy that I was running with the middle of the pack of first wave.  Passing through the walkers of first wave.  I am confident that I will finish the race before 2:30. When I reached the MOA area, I was calling Ino as there was no sight of him running back to me as his promise.  I received a text message that he was in the police station at the event, handcuffed.  I know he was joking, so I ignored that.  As I make the right turn, I saw the finish arc and felt happy as the time was still 2:15 but when I got near the arc, I realized that I have to run another 1 km to reach the U turn and then reach the finish line.  I was disappointed, I thought I would make it 2:20.  Disappointed as can be, I felt my pace slow down.  Along the last 200 meters, I saw madder Rikki Suarez running, swaying his hips like a Diva.  I called him and run along with him but he outrun me as usual.  I reached the finish line at 2:31.  Oh well, at least I made it 1 minute faster than before. Hahaha… But my buddy was the best, he reached the finish line at 1:59… sub2 baby!.. Good job buddy!

At the event

The usual complaint of runners, long line along the finisher kit claiming area but nonetheless, the event went well. I got to see my Diva friends along the line.  I just met Ino along the line.  We just took some pictures on the event.  Ino did enjoy the Zumba dance, unfortunately, I had no time to take some pictures of him dancing… ridiculously.. hahaha (peace buddy).  After that, we left as we are so hungry.


with madder Rikki Suarez while waiting in line for the finisher shirt

IMG_50934711237777-1 (3)

with my running buddy, Ino Lao with our precious finisher medals


Oh yeah, we exceed ourselves… Congrats buddy for making it sub2

Last say

Run United Trilogy is one of my favorite event regardless of some other critics saying, regardless of some runners complaints, I still love joining this Trilogy as it was part of my running history.  My first half-marathon and first full marathon at RUPM.  I have joined so many races with different organizers and I find Run United event was one of the best.  Nice singlet, nice finisher shirt, challenging medal completion, good hydration, nice after race events with good entertainment.  I don’t regret rushing to any of the registration site, doing an amazing race-like adventure just to be able to avail for their prepaid card (no details please as this will cost another blog… hahaha). I am looking forward to the next leg, the Afroman distance.  See you there guys!


with my first part of RU trilogy medal


My medal and my gorgeous finisher shirt