Sweet coincidence

I have been wanting to write about food, as one of my passions is eating but I don’t know what food to blog for starter.  At first, I was thinking of tasting different kinds of cupcakes as I was not a fan of cupcakes, only cakes. I know other may react but for me, there’s a big difference when it comes to consistency and texture of the pastry as cake textures are finer and moist than cupcakes.

Back to my main topic.  For the past few weeks, I was listing different pastry shops to visit but an accident occurred.  I was hospitalized last Saturday.  I don’t want to elaborate what happened but I just want you to know, I am okay now.

Hospital bound for few days, craving for different kinds of food especially chocolates and cakes.  My loving friends brought me what I want and I love them for that.  Enjoying and indulging on my favorite foods for few days until my nephew, Joper Legaspi arrived with a cute pink box with a name of Pink Wasabi.  I asked him what’s in it, he said it was “kashi maki”.  As a Japanese food lover and a sushi fanatic, I excitedly opened the box.  To my astonishment, it was not the usual maki and not a Japanese maki at all. It was a sweet hand-rolled cake meant to look like maki sushi.


The cute arrangement comes with a stainless pair of chopsticks.

Taste test

I taste it one by one and each one of them have different taste that so heavenly. Each have distinct taste.  Each consists of layer of sponge cake and ganache wrapped with chocolate and topped with their flavored nuts, chips or jelly.


Oolong berry – almond cake (consist of ground roasted almonds, ground cashew), white chocolate, strawberry puree, strawberry tea, white chocolate wrap, with strawberry jelly roe. I love almonds and I thought I was in heaven when I took a bite on it.  The almond cake melts in my mouth. I love the combination of almonds and strawberry, leaving you an almond-after taste and I like that.


Neptune’s weed– almond cake (consist of ground roasted almonds, ground cashew), dark chocolate ganache with seaweeds, dark chocolate wrap, dark chocolate covered pinipig.  My first thought is “what?! seeweeds?!… eeeww!… but I was wrong.  The combination of almonds and dark chocolate empowered the taste of seaweeds but giving it still a unique taste which I cannot further described but I like it.


Coffee Kahlua – almond cake, milk chocolate coffee ganache with Kahlua, milk chocolate wrap, white chocolate chips on top.  What can I say, combination of chocolate, coffee and liquor is superb with addition of my favorite nut, almond.


Midnight mint – chocolate cake, dark chocolate mint ganache, dark chocolate wrap, mint jelly roe.  I am not a fan of mint on cakes and ice cream but this one, broke my preference. This is the first ever mint dessert that I like.


Amarula – pistachio sponge (ground pistachio and cashew), milk chocolate ganache with Amarula liquor, dark chocolate wrap. As delicious as the Kahlua but of course it has unique taste as it has different liquor and the pistachio taste lingers in my mouth, yummy.


Coconut dream – pistachio cake, white chocolate coconut ganache, half pistachio nut, white chocolate wrap.  This is a like a pinoy macaroons due to the desiccated coconut with a twist, but the white chocolate and pistachio gave it a distinction.


Murphy’s law – chocolate cake, dark chocolate ganache with raspberry vodka , dark chocolate wrap, strawberry jelly roe. Dark chocolate and raspberry vodka… should I say more?


Nutella sesame – chocolate cake, dark chocolate Nutella ganache, black sesame.  I love the after taste of dark sesame and the nutella make it more delicious.


Cookie kiss – chocolate cake, white chocolate cherry ganache, cookie crumbs, white chocolate curls, cherry on top. This taste like black forest cake but I like its texture more than an ordinary black forest cake, it melts it my mouth.


 Chocnut – chocolate sponge, peanut butter, milk chocolate wrap, Choc-nut bits toppings. I always love Choc-nut, combining it with peanut butter and chocolate makes me love it more.


Kashi is the Japanese word for sweet and Maki or Makizushi is a cylindrical-shaped sushi.

cover pic 2

The Verdict

The dessert was made by “My Pink Wasabi”.  Their idea is to create dessert line which perfectly describes the sweet fusion of desserts with simplicity and perfection of sushi (as their tag line).

They have a shop at The Collective at San Antonio, Makati City.   They also have their delicious desserts served at Moonleaf Tea Shop UP Teacher’s Village and Fior Café at SM North Annex.  But if you are far from the said shops, do not worry, they make it convenient to all, they also cater deliveries.  Just visit their website www.mypinkwasabi.com for full details.

Kashi Maki comes in box of 4’s, 9’s and 18’s.

kashi maki box

They have also other products:

oreo cheesecake

blueberry cheese cake chilled

chocolate cakes

Last word

I’ve really been thinking writing about dessert but I never thought that I would be writing it during my hospital stay.  I do not want to think it’s a destiny as I really do not like be bounded in hospital but nonetheless, I did like my unusual first encounter with Kashi Maki. I might like to make another encounter again but not in the same scenario… hehehe.  Until next taste test guys…