Registration for 5thFilinvest City Endurance Weekend now open


Elite and amateur mountain bike (MTB) riders can once again expect a thrilling and demanding race experience as the 5th Filinvest City Endurance Weekend makes its way on September 30 – October 1, 2017, at the Filinvest City Alabang.

The Filinvest City Endurance Weekend, first staged in 2013, is an exciting two-day MTB event unlike any other as it challenges riders– either in solo and team categories to push themselves to the limit in the 6-hour, 12-hour, or 24-hour race spans that are very much a test of skill, endurance, and strength.

That Filinvest City serves as the race venue has become even more relevant and fitting with the recent introduction of bike lanes and trails, the latter a feature that cannot be found in other CBDs. Already, bikers of all backgrounds are taking advantage of these amenities, not only on weekends but also during the work week, making Filinvest City a true bike-friendly CBD.



Apart from an exclusive medal for all finishers and winners, generous cash prizes also await winners in the various the various race categories.


The 24-hour leg will start on September 30 (Saturday) at 12nn; the 12-hour leg will start on September 30 (Saturday) at 5pm; while the 6-hour leg will start on October 1 (Sunday) at 6:00am.



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Online Registration here

For more information on the Filinvest City Endurance Weekend and the accompanying registration fees and procedures involved, visit



Endurance Weekend 2016


Endurance Weekend 2016 once again is all set to happen on October 8-9, 2016.  The annual MTB race specific venue is at Pacific Rim in Filinvest City, Alabang.

Here are the details:





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*Race Numbers:

Each rider is given an individual race number.  This must be attached to the seat post of the bike.  In order for your lap to be timed and counted, you must ensure that your race number is visible.

Race Details:



Race Course

The course is a loop up to 6.2 km consisting a single-track and asphalt roads.  It will be marked by the use of a mixture of arrows, buntings, and traffic cones.  There will be sections throughout the course where there are no markings.  There will be no decision points either – just keep riding.  At the end of each lap, the course passess through Transition Zone.

Control Point

There will be at least one control point out on the course.  It will be manned for the full 24 hours and race numbers will be checked.  To assist, please call out your race number to the control point team.  Additional spot checkpoints may be positioned at random locations.    The control point will have radio contact with the Race HQ.

Transition Zone

It is the only area where you can exit the race course.  This is also where teams swap rides and hand over the band.  Spectators are not permitted in the TZ.

As you come through the TZ, here are few simple rules:

  • WALK, WALK, WALS (there is no riding in the TZ)
  • Call out your number to the timing crew to assist in recording your lap
  • Help your team mate with the transition
  • After you have completed the transition, VERY promptly clear the area and move outside the TZ to catch your breath, and have a chat or warm down.




All teams or individual must complete the minimum number of laps to be counted as a finisher.

Minimum number of laps:


  • 24 hour: 24 laps
  • 12 hour:  12 laps
  • 6 hour: 6 laps


  • 24-hour teams of three:  8 laps per member
  • 12-hour teams of two:  6 laps per member

So What Are You Waiting For?… REGISTER NA!





AXA encourages Filipinos to #FailProof Your Health

axa logo a

Launches online quiz to measure health risk


AXA Philippines, one of the country’s largest and fastest growing life insurance companies, launched its latest campaign #FailProof Your Health, as part of its advocacy to create awareness on the prevention of lifestyle diseases or critical illnesses such as heart disease, stroke, and cancer, and protect oneself from its financial impact.


Amor Balagtas

“Since we launched our first health campaign in 2014, there has been greater awareness in general for the need to live healthier lives and prepare financially for major health emergencies,” says Amor Balagtas, Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer of AXA Philippines. “Now, we want to make health awareness more tangible for the common Filipino by developing this online quiz that gives them their Health Risk Score.”

“The quiz or calculator is absolutely free and can easily be accessed on our website (,” Balagtas explains. “While living a healthy lifestyle, such as eating properly or exercising regularly, lessens our risk of developing a critical illness, there are other factors that come into play that we have less control of, such as age, gender, heredity, and perhaps even external stress.”

“By knowing their Health Risk Score, we give Filipinos a chance to know their baseline health condition, so that they can find concrete ways to make themselves healthier and avoid suffering from heart attack, stroke, or cancer,” she said.

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Health Partners

In the past few years, AXA has partnered with several private, government, and non-government organizations (NGO) to promote health prevention and protection. These include the Department of Health (DOH), Philippine Cancer Society (PCS), Philippine Heart Association (PHA) Manila Doctors Hospital, and the Philippine Red Cross (PRC).

AXA has also been a strong supporter of Senate Bill 3016 (a.k.a the Samboy Lim bill) that requires mandatory Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training for students before graduation. AXA also recently participated in a nationwide mass CPR training led by the Philippine Heart Association which was conducted simultaneously in over 50 sites around the country, with over 300,000 participants.

Moreover, the company has conducted hundreds of “AXA Health Day” sessions the past two years in various AXA, Metrobank, and PSBank branches nationwide. These sessions include free blood pressure and blood sugar monitoring, as well as the measurement of Body Fat Percentage, Body Mass Index (BMI), and Waist-to-Hip (WHR) ratio, key health measures identified by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Health Ambassadors

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Supporting AXA’s health campaign are two social media personalities — James Deakin and Erika Flores-Reyes more popularly known to her followers as “RikiFlo.” Deakin is an award-winning multimedia motoring journalist, TV host, freelance writer, blogger, and columnist, who recently shared about his shock when he found out that his mother and tita were both diagnosed with cancer at the same time. As a show of support, Deakin, a known car enthusiast, had his car painted bright pink which he says “is the official color for breast cancer.” His post has since gone viral, and has helped create awareness for breast cancer screening. His car, which he has now fondly named “Pink Panther,” has gone the rounds around the metro with the names and signatures of hundreds of people written on the surface of the car, as a sign of support and solidarity against cancer.

On the other hand, Erika Reyes, better known by her stage name “Riki Flo” is a popular radio DJ, sports broadcaster, and event host who has been a strong advocate against cancer for several years. Riki Flo is a firm believer that healthy living is important, and that certain lifestyle shifts are needed to avoid contracting illnesses.

In its previous health campaign, AXA asked celebrity mom Camille Prats to share her personal experience dealing with throat cancer that claimed the life of her husband Anthony Linsangan who was only 31 years old, just a few years after their wedding.

New Health Products

Part of AXA’s health campaign is the introduction of new and innovative health products or health solutions in the market.

“We just recently launched three new products to boost our health offer in the market,” Balagtas adds. “We have Life Basix Plus and Axelerator Plus which are both all-in-one ‘investment-health-and-life insurance’ product bundles. We also introduced Global Health Access, a worldwide comprehensive health coverage plan, which allows consumers to avail the best healthcare anywhere in the Philippines or abroad.”

The three new products add to the extensive health portfolio of AXA Philippines, which include Health Max, Health Exentials, and SME Employee Protexion, all of which were launched successfully in 2014.

“With our current mix of health solutions, we ensure that we have a product or solution that is right for you,” concludes Balagtas. “We want every Filipino to not only live a healthier lifestyle, but to also get the proper health coverage. That is why we want to tell every Filipino to #FailProof Your Health.”

To learn more about new AXA Philippines health products, read more here.

At the Media Launch

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After the program, we are given a chance to experience a fun spinning at the Ride Revolution.  It’s not my first time at the Ride Revolution, so I know what to expect… Spinning in cleated shoes in disco-lighted room with specific and personalized club playlist created by the instructor.  The ride was exhausting but I really enjoyed the 30-minute session (“Bitin”, I wish it was longer).

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Thank you Ride Revolution for another fun and exciting ride.  Hope to ride with you again.

Experience a unique ride at Ride Revolution, visit and book a class now.




– When heat rises, so can performance with Adidas CLIMACHILL

– The revolutionary cooling range returns in 2016 with new advances in cooling technology

– For the first time, the range comes with sport and gender specific design, with the women’s range built around the unique requirements of a woman’s body

CLIMACHILL is back for its 3rd successive season, once again re-defining cooling apparel innovation with new and more advanced technologies and a unique sport and gender specific design. Destroy the heat this S/S 16.

As heat rises, challenges increase, and with adidas CLIMACHILL so does the determination to perform. Working closely with athletes around the world, it is clear that increased heat and humid weather makes training and competitive performance more difficult. When core body temperature exceeds 37 degrees Celsius, efficiencies decrease and athletes cannot perform at their peak capacity. That’s why the new adidas CLIMACHILL uses industry-leading technology to keep their body temperature at an optimum level and help them perform at their best, even in the hottest conditions.

The result of the adidas Futures Team working closely with leading athletes, and of extensive testing within the climate chamber of adidas’ research labs, the S/S16 collection is its most advanced cooling product range yet; offering an evolution of previous CLIMACHILL technologies to work with the body to maintain the optimal body temperature:

  • −  For the first time, the adidas CLIMACHILL women’s range has been given a unique construction to complement the unique requirements of a women’s body identified via the Futures team’s research. The result? A fit that is truly tailored to the female form and offers maximized cooling where needed the most.
  • −  Fabric weight and thickness that differs between sports to enhance performance functionality depending on an athlete’s needs.
  • −  A uniquely engineered design profile includes industry-leading 3D aluminium- cooling spheres strategically located on the back and neck to correspond with the warmest areas of the body; providing an instant cooling sensation on contact.
  • −  Mesh-like micro fibres transport excess moisture away from your skin.
  • Revolutionary SubZero flat yarns contain titanium to maximize surface contact with the skin, to transfer heat away from the body.

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Brie Felnagle, American middle distance runner said of the launch: “I know that to stay at the top my game, I need to train 365 days a year, and often in very hot climates as we travel the world. My competitors don’t stop when the temperature rises, so neither will I. That’s why I look to CLIMACHILL, it works as hard as I do to allow me to train, regardless of the temperature.”

Jason Richardson, American hurdler and former World Champion said: “For me, a race doesn’t begin at the start line, it starts when I first step out to train, with every session helping me to cut off vital milliseconds. Armed with adidas CLIMACHILL I can push hard to perform all year round.”

Heike Leibl, VP Horizontal Concepts at adidas said of the launch: “At adidas we are constantly working with athletes to understand how we can enable them to achieve their best. Our athletes push themselves to the limit, and to keep up with them we also pursue our own PBs, making apparel that is more climate resistant, stylish and effective than everything that came before. We know that amateurs and professionals all over the world struggle with training and performing in extreme heat. With the CLIMACHILL range we have produced a technology that is unparalleled in the way it addresses overheating in athletes, allowing them to keep up their training and performance, regardless of the heat.”

Breaking in the new Adidas Climachill

Last April 29, 2016, Adidas Philippines in partner with Ride Revolution for an exclusive workout session and I am honored to be a part of it.  We were dressed in Adidas CLIMACHILL tanks, allowing us to experience its unique cooling technology.

adidas x Ride Rev

adidas partnered with Ride Revolution for an exclusive workout session last April 29, 2016.

Climachill Party

Participants dressed in Adidas CLIMACHILL tanks


For the first time, the range comes with sport and gender specific design, with the women’s range built around the unique requirements of a woman’s body.


trying some spinning with my new CLIMACHILL tank top.

Jen Dacasin

Jen Dacasin, adidas Brand Communications and Sports Marketing Manager welcomes guests.


The newest addition to the adidas family, Ride Rev instructor Lexi Gancayco gives us a treat during one of the classes.


adidas girl and Ride Rev instructor Ida Paras was all smiles as she lead the first class.


Joining the participants was one of adidas’ very own, Rachelle Que-Love, showing some love to her fellow adidas girls.


#SquadGoals: Rache and Ida show us how it’s done.

My verdict

As I do extensive spinning for 30 minutes at the Ride Revolution class, I find it so comfortable.  It’s light and cool; but I am not yet convinced, so I test it for long run.  I ran 18 km for 2 hours.  Despite of the humidity, very hot weather and vehicle fumes, it still keeps me cool.  I was profusely sweating then but my CLIMACHILL tank doesn’t cling my body, making it more comfortable even when I poured water in my head and body which I usually do during my races and long runs.  I still look decent (you know what I mean) after a 2-hour run.  My friends know me that I am not really into pink workout clothes (all my running gears, except for my team shirts and trisuit are all black) but only Adidas can make me wear pink!  I find the CLIMACHILL color line-ups so dainty and sweet, it doesn’t make me trying hard to be young looking.  So my verdict…  I AM LOVING MY ADIDAS CLIMACHILL.



It also comes with cute pair of CLIMACHILL shorts

The collection, which comes in a bold new Brazilian pack range of colors, on trend for the summer of sport ahead, is part of the new Adidas CLIMAZONE concept launched in 2016. Developed for those who are ‘Not Made For Normal’, Adidas, has created a unified product concept that can address specific seasonal weather issues to enable elevated performance in unrelenting conditions.

Adidas CLIMA is made up of three product ranges, each designed to provide athletes complete protection from the elements:

  • −  CLIMACHILL to control temperature in hot conditions,
  • −  CLIMAHEAT to retain body heat when the weather gets cold
  • −  CLIMAPROOF to repel wind, rain and snow 
Each of the ranges, including adidas CLIMACHILL, can be purchased in special CLIMAZONE areas in select adidas stores across the world and at The adidas CLIMACHILL SS16 range launches on 23rd March with new product lines of the CLIMAPROOF and CLIMAHEAT collections to follow in the fall/winter.

The spring/summer Climachill range including training and running: t-shirts, tanks, shorts, tights and footwear is available at and in selected retailers world/nationwide.

For more information visit and follow the conversation on Twitter and Instagram with #Climachill.


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BGC Cycle Asia 2015 – Challenge and Community Ride from AeroEye Asia on Vimeo.


MANILA, PHILIPPINES 23 NOVEMBER 2015 Filipino riders geared up for thrilling bike action around the roads in Metro Manila last Nov. 21 to 22 for the BGC Cycle Asia Philippines. Close to 2,000 cycling enthusiasts joined the event which featured exciting and challenging categories for children, adults and families.

The event, in its third edition this year, is a part of Cycle Asia, a network of premier cycling events across the region that offers participants the rare opportunity to ride on safe closed public roads in major Asian cities.  It was brought here in the country by organizer Sunrise Events, Inc. in partnership with Cycle Asia and Bonifacio Global City (BGC).

“We are excited to continue an active year of sports for Sunrise Events, Inc. with our team-up with BGC and our international partner, Cycle Asia, the BGC Cycle Asia Philippines made it possible for Filipino families to participate in sports activities as exercise to promote their health and ensure a wholesome lifestyle,” said Wilfred Steven Uytengsu, CEO of Sunrise Events Inc.

Prior to the ride events, the entire family were entertained with a wide range of fun activities in the Cycling & Lifestyle Expo at the Ascott Bonifacio Global City Manila, the Official Residence of the BGC CycleAsia Philippines for 2016.

The fun cycling action started  in the morning of Saturday, November 21 via the kiddie ride categories starting with the 30-minute Junior Challenge ride and followed by The Kid’s Ride and Tricycle Ride categories. This day proved to be a fun bonding activity for parents and kids complete with post-event ride activities such as the bull ride and kiddie inflatables.


On Sunday, November 22, were the Adult Ride categories. The event was kicked-off by the Ride with Robbie with Australian former PRO cyclist and three-time Tour de France green jersey sprinter’s classification winner Robbie McEwen. It was followed by the 40km Challenge Ride and the 20km Community and Foldies Community Rides.


According to Mr. Manuel Blas II, Head of Commercial Operations for Fort Bonifacio Development Corp., “The participation in Cycle Philippines through the years have shown us that cycling is here to stay and that it is going beyond being a hobby and sport where people are more and more using it as an alternative mode of transportation to get around the metro.  This insight pushed us to implement more bike racks around the city. Furthermore, it also inspired us to experiment with a bike-sharing program which will be launched in the near future.”

BGC Cycle Asia 2015 – Kids Ride and Junior Challenge from AeroEye Asia on Vimeo.

With Bonifacio Global City (BGC) as the title sponsor,and with the valuable support of Taguig City, BGC Cycle Philippines has attracted a number of additional sponsors:

Hydration Partner:


Official Courier and Logistics Partner:

2Go Express

Official Residence:

Ascott Bonifacio Global City

Media Partners:

Philippine Star

ABS-CBN Sports+ Action

Marketing partners:



and others including:

Subaru, Rudy Project, Scott Bikes, Rocktape, Regent, Garmin, Pioneer Insurance, Herbalife,, Skippy’s bar and Grill and Purefoods Sexy Chix. 

For more information, check out the BGC CycleAsia Philippines official website.

About Cycle Asia

Owned and organised by Spectrum Worldwide, Cycle Asia is a network of premier cycling events hosted across the region.

Each event offers cyclists the rare opportunity to ride on closed public roads in major Asian cities, while catering to participants of all ages and abilities. Whether it’s young cyclists on three wheels or the more serious cyclists looking to test themselves on a longer distance, there’s a ride for everyone across the Cycle Asia network.

About Sunrise Events, Inc

Sunrise Events Inc was established in 2008 after it has been granted the Ironman 70.3 license by the World Triathlon Corporation.  The vision of the company is to stage world class events to put the Philippines in the sports tourism map of the world.  SEI currently stages at least 12 events per year and has the exclusive rights to the Ironman 70.3, 5150, XTERRA and Ironkids events.

About Bonifacio Global City:

Bonifacio Global City is the proud venture of Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation (FBDC), managed by the powerhouse partnership of Ayala Land, Inc., Evergreen Holdings, Inc. (Campos Group) and the Bases Conversion Development Authority (BCDA). The combined formidable wealth of real estate development, expertise, and investment from each group has established Bonifacio Global City as one of the world’s finest and fastest-growing premier cities.

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Families, friends pedal for health and nutrition at Alaska Cycle Asia Philippines



Another iteration of Alaska Cycle Philippines was set gathering families and friends for an even bigger and more fun cycling challenge from May 15 to 17 at the SM Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City.

From children as young as two years old to parents and grandparents, Alaska Cycle Philippines opened its door once more to cyclist of all ages and abilities in its quest to promote proper nutrition and a healthy, active lifestyle.  Whether you own a bike or not, you can participate in this year’s challenge and enjoy pedaling on a closed road manned by race marshals and protected by safety barriers.

This year’s race was divided into even greater categories: A 100m/500m Tricycle Ride for young children ages 2 to 5 years, the 5.5-km Kids Ride open to children ages 6 to 10, and 30-minute Junior Challenge for ages 10 to 12.



There is also a 20-km Community Ride for people age 10 and above, a 20-km Foldies Community Ride catering to a growing community of folding bike cyclist, and the 40-km Challenge for individuals and teams aged 14 and above.


Unique in this year’s race is the 20-km Individual Community Ride with Bike, wherein, even though you don’t have a bicycle, you can still join the race by registering and paying a fee of 6,000 pesos.  Participants in this category got a bike which they brought home after the race!

Challenge competitors and cyclists joining just for the fun of it got some awesome freebies in their ride pack: an Alaska race jersey, Alaska waterproof pouch, an Alaska bag, and special pair of cool Rudy Project sunglasses for Kiddie Riders only.  Finishers also got a beautifully crafted medal from Alaska.

Alaska Cycle Philippines is an annual cycling event organized by Cycle Asia, in partnership with Alaska and Sunrise Events.  The event is part of Cycle Asia’s network of premier cycling events across the region that offers participants the rare opportunity to ride on safe, closed public roads in major Asian cities.  Different iterations of the race have been held in Singapore and Malaysia, with plans for similar events in Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Myanmar, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

cute little girl pedaling towards the finishline

cute little girl pedaling towards the finishline

In the Philippines, this event is part of Alaska’s “NUTRITION. ACTION. CHAMPION.” program of promoting a healthy and active lifestyle through sports participation and milk consumption.  Through events like Cycle Philippines, Alaska hopes to reverse the effects of obesity and malnutrition in the country.

According to the Food and Nutrition Research Institute’s (FNRI) 7th National Nutrition Survey in 2008, about 2 out of 10 Filipino children, and at least 16 million Filipinos, are overweight.  With low levels of physical activity, being overweight can lead to serious heart problems and diabetes at the young age, leading to serious health, financial, and social implications in adulthood.

With Alaska Cycle Philippines, Filipinos can be part of a community activity that would help them become physically fit and healthy, enabling them to become champions in life.

cycleasia logo

join alaska red

For more information about Alaska Cycle Philippines, visit by clicking the following buttons:

organized by

sunrise events


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