Blood and sweat trophy, literally.

Yesterday, February 23, 2014, is one of our memorable run to date as it was our first finisher trophy as our reward for finishing the race. And it’s also a memorable moment for me as I almost didn’t finish the race. I was vomiting, feeling cold and disoriented that time but of course, hardheaded me prevailed.

Night before the race

As my usual routine every night before my race, I prepared my things for the race.  Checking all my gears, accessories and all my necessities for tomorrow’s run. I hit the sack at 9pm but unfortunately, I woke up at 11:30 as my housemates are still awake, chatting and watching television.  Irritated, I forced myself back to sleep but I slept around 1am.

Race day

My alarm woke me up around 2:30am.  I was so worried as I didn’t have enough sleep and I am sick for the past few days. I did my usual routine in the morning, breakfast (instant noodles and banana) and putting my running gears.  I called my kiddo, Cliff, to wake him up but he didn’t answer. He then sent a text message stating that he is not feeling well.  Thinking that he will not join us I rush to BHS Fullybooked as it was our rendezvous place of my running buddy, Ino at 3:30 am.  We met at exactly 3:30 and we rush to the site to be able to find a good parking place. I received a text message that Cliff will join us.  I called him and told him where to meet. Before we left the parking lot, Ino told me that he will not bring his hydration belt.  Then a thought flashed in my mind “Oh my, he will be lighter and faster, and he will drag me into that pace”… hahaha… As we are waiting for Cliff at the starting line, I bumped in to my first running buddy, Mark Montilla.  He is the one who encouraged me into running and I was very thankful for him. Before the gun starts, Cliff arrived.


With my running buddy, Ino Lao before the gun start.

Along the route

The race started exactly 4:30.  We first run along the usual running route in BGC.  Ino, Cliff, Mark are in the same pace.  But Ino was so fast as he left me and Cliff behind as he became faster.  Along the University Avenue, Cliff then need to stop as his shoe tie got loose.  Running alone, I set my playlist for motivation.  I cannot see Ino and Cliff, they are so fast. When I was near the Net Square building, Ino called me and asked me where am I as he was already traversing the Kalayaan flyover and he told me that we will just meet at Buendia.  Before, I was always nervous to run along the Kalayaan flyover due to hard inclined route but thanks to my buddy, Ino, as he trained me to run confidently along inclined planes.  After the Kalayaan flyover we took a left turn along Makati Avenue towards Ayala triangle.  I’m towards Ayala Triangle when I saw Ino coming through. He is so fast. I think he is in the first 100, we just waved hands. I am looking for Cliff but no sight of him at that time. As we make a U-turn at Ayala then turn left towards the Buendia SLEX, I felt unusual.  My stomach was growling, hyperacidity strikes.  I ignored that, thinking that I am only hungry and told myself I already took an energy gel so it will be okay.  But along Buendia, my feeling got so unusual as I started vomiting.  I feel cold and my hand are shaking.  I ignore it again, I just took a sip of water and then pour a lot to my head but it didn’t work.  I continue to vomit, I stop and walk. I tried calling Cliff but I think he didn’t hear the ring.  Then I called Ino asking where he is and I am not feeling well.  Worried, he told me to take a U-turn but I don’t know what did I say to him as I was feeling disoriented.  In one of the hydration station in Buendia, I felt someone grab my arm, it was Ino asking me if I am okay.  He told me that I am too cold and pale and told me to ride an ambulance.  I said “no, I want to finish the race”.  He told me “you have no choice, you have to stop”.  I told him “I want a trophy”.  He told me that to sit at the sidewalk and he will just finish the race and come back to me.  But I don’t want to just sit along the gutter to wait for him. I promised and told him that I will just walk and finish the race.  He agreed.  Of course, I’m hardheaded, I ran again but a little slow to my usual pace.  I saw my running friends, Mary ann and told me to keep safe.  I told her that I can manage and Ino will be back.  As I was traversing Buendia, I prayed and asked God to give me more strength and I am confident that He will let me finish the race.  Ino was calling me every now and then to be sure I am okay.  When I reached Kalayaan flyover, Ino called me to tell me that he already finished the race at 1:56… Wow! He did it! and I am so proud of him.  He asked me where am I.  I told him I’m already at Kalayaan flyover and he told me that he will run back to me.  I received a text message from Cliff asking me where am I and told him that I am still in the flyover.  When I reached the Net Square building, Ino called me and asked me where I am, I told him that I am a block away from Track 30.  He told me that he’s near the Kalayaan flyover and he realized that he just passed through me, maybe he is too worried and just rushed towards me not recognizing me along the route.  When I was in the Track 30, I saw him coming from my back. Gosh, he’s fast. He ran along with me, making sure that I am doing okay.  We then took a left turn towards the finish line, I saw my running friends shouting my name and cheering for me, “go Redg!”.  As we reached the last 100 meter, I told Ino not to cross the finish line again to avoid altering his PR data.  He told me that he don’t mind, he has his own PR but when we reached the last 10 meter, I told him to just run along the side and just meet at the end of the finish line.  I try to make some sprint to test my energy and I did. I still have energy, ha-ha!  We then meet with Cliff and we then take pictures to our precious finisher trophies.  Yeah, it’s so precious. I almost did not get it.

Thank you Lord for the keeping me strong and letting me finish the race despite my condition.  Thank you also to Ino for all the support and making me sure that I am okay.  Thank you buddy. I owe you one.


Confidently traversing the Kalayaan flyover.  Thanks to my running buddy for the training.


With Ino at the finish line


With my kiddo, Cliff at the finish line


Proud with our first finisher trophies… precious!


Bumped in with my first running buddy, Mark David Montilla.  He is the one who put me into running.  Thank you bruddah.


With my ever supportive friend, madder Rikki Suarez


The first 21k adventure of my diva friend Allan “sweet” Cabiltes with the Fabulous Running Divas as his entourage.


With my Fabulous Running Divas family

Last Thought

Finishing the race taught me few things… Know your body… Believe in yourself… Will power… Guts… Perseverance… Trusting the Lord that with him nothing is impossible and thanking him for giving me supportive and precious friends.


With my finisher trophy… Got yah!