EasyGrocery: A novel and trouble-free way to grocery shopping


Are you sick and tired of falling in line for hours at the supermarket cashier line and dealing with the traffic and jam-packed parking lot?.. Or having a hard time squeezing your grocery time in your super busy schedule?

Worry no more! You can now do your groceries online in the comfort of your home, while bonding with your family, while having fun with your friends, or while finishing your deadline at work.
This is made possible by EasyGrocery, the latest mobile app which allows consumers to purchase their grocery items from the app and have them delivered to their preferred address within 60 minutes committed time.

EasyGrocery aims to cater to the average Filipinos who find grocery shopping a daunting but necessary task.
“We currently live in a fast-paced lifestyle where convenience and time-savings are the public’s
priority requirement in their day-to-day activities. It is from this reality that the idea by which
EasyGrocery was conceptualized.”, said EasyGrocery’s President & CEO Eugene Leoncio.


I have tried using it and I love it.  I was bonding then with my friends but need to do grocery errands. So I just open the app and create my list. I chose my city and preferred supermarket.  You can also opt to either by delivery or by pick up at your chosen supermarket and I opted for delivery.  It caters 2 types of payment system – COD and credit card.  You can see at the bottom of the screen how much your items worth so you can still watch your budget – that’s if you have good control… hahaha.  Upon submitting your list, you will receive a message that your orders are in the process.  You can also monitor each one of the product you chose if it is already in the basket. Your runner will contact you if your picked product is not available. In my case, I ordered frozen salmon belly strip but it’s out of stock at that time. My runner called me to tell me that it’s not available so I told her to get smoked bangus instead. She asked me what brand and I told her to get me what is better and it turns out she gave me a delicious smoked bangus! She has a good taste huh.

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The app will also notify you if your grocery items are ready for pick up or already in transit.  The EasyGrocery app is like Grab or Uber app equiped with GPS mobile tracker that you can monitor your rider’s location.  Their riders carries insulated container that keeps your items intact and fresh.

EasyGrocery only charges a flat rate of 100 pesos for the service fee per order and
another 100 pesos for the delivery fee. See, it’s still more affordable compared to commuting and dealing with the unnecessary expenses of grocery shopping!
EasyGrocery is now available in its three pilot areas of Makati, Parañaque and Taguig, and hopes to add more cities in the coming months.

The app works for both iOS and Android phones and is now available for download from the App Store and Google Play.


So what are you waiting for?.. download the app now and experience the hassle-free grocery shopping!