7-Eleven Run now on its seventh year


After the successful Run 800 in 2013, Run 1000 in 2014, Run 1500 in 2015, Run 2016, Run 2017, and in 2018 the race was first held simultaneously in 3 locations across the country with over 25,000 runners participating.  So this year,  get your running gear ready as 7-Eleven officially launches the 7th year of the 7-Eleven Run Series.

This year promises to be even bigger, better and more exciting. Runners can expect to see new race categories, a chance to compete in an international Asian marathon, and even have the opportunity to win P500,000 cash.

The race in Luzon will be held in Filinvest City, Alabang. The Visayas leg will be held at Cebu Business Park, while the Mindanao leg will be in SM City Davao.

This year, runners will see new distances that will challenge experienced and novice runners alike. 7-Eleven is introducing the 32K category. Runners also have other options:  from a short 500 meter run for kids, a 10K buddy category, and up to a 42K full marathon.

“The 7-Eleven Run Series is one of the most anticipated marathons in our country today,” said Jose Victor Paterno, President and CEO of Philippine Seven Corporation. “We listened to our runners and added new distances like the 32K which will serve as an entry point or trial run for 42K.”

Excited already?… here are the details:

The race in Manila and Cebu will have 10 categories that will cater to different types of runners. The categories are as follows:

  • 500M kids       Php 400
  • 3K                     Php 500
  • 5K                     Php 600
  • 5K Buddy        Php 500
  • 10K                   Php 700
  • 10K Buddy      Php 1,200
  • 16K                   Php 800
  • 21K                   Php 1,000
  • 32K                   Php 1,200
  • 42K                   Php 1,500

Registration is now open until January 15, 2019.


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Customers can also redeem free race kits from the CLiQQ Rewards Catalog when they buy participating items from sponsors. Run 2019 e-stamps can be earned when customers buy participating items worth P100 and have their CLiQQ app barcode scanned. To redeem free race kits, customers must earn 8 e-stamps for non-buddy categories and 16 e-stamps for buddy categories.  Promo runs from November 21- January 1, 2019.

Race Schedules:


Manila Leg Race Routes:


As always, 7-Eleven continues to support Filipino athletes. This year, the overall top 3 Filipino winners for 21K, 32K, and 42K will be awarded cash prizes and medals, plus a chance to join an international marathon in Asia, all expenses paid. Last year, winners of the 21K and 42K races from 7-Eleven Run Series 2018 were sent to Jeju, South Korea to compete at the 23rd Jeju International Tourism Marathon Festival where they dominated the top spots in their respective race categories.


To further encourage the spirit of competition, 7-Eleven will be giving away a bonus cash prize to the top Filipino runner who can beat the Philippine record for the 42K category. The record setter will get to take home P500,000 in cash.

So what are you waiting for?..

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Be sure to visit the official website at https://run711.com/ and follow its Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/run711 for more information about the race.

7-Eleven Run 2019 is held in partnership with Filinvest Alabang, Cebu Business Park, SM City Davao, exclusive sportswear partner, Asics, and official timer, Soleus and L Timestudio. The event is also brought to you by Selecta, Cornetto, Nature’s Spring, Summit, Gatorade, Del Monte, Pocari Sweat, Refresh, Kopiko78, San Miguel Beer, Fit n’ Right, Aquafina, Pepsi, Nova, Evian, Le Minerale, Sip, Safeguard, C2, Mogu Mogu, and Magnolia. Official media partners: ESPN 5, Smart, PLDT, and Cignal.


Kagay-An Festival Marathon 2015


Want to run a marathon and have a vacation at the same time?  

Want to run a route without being irritated by honking and smoke-belching cars?

Join the Kagay-An Festival Marathon 2015.  Explore the beauty of Cagayan de Oro.  Meet the exciting people.  Be amazed with the scenic view of Macajalar Bay.  Be in love with the place while running.  


photo credit to harrybalais.com





Centrio Mall registration site where running jersey samples are displayed

Centrio Mall registration site where running jersey samples are displayed. photo credit: Circle Productions




For  more details, click the button to visit


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My little adventure at Li-Ning Manila Run


Last Sunday, June 28, was Li-Ning Manila Run.  I am always excited to join the race but not this time.  Wait, it’s not about the race itself but rather it’s me.  I have been weak for the past few weeks.  I’m having a hard time training.  At first, I thought maybe it’s due to hot weather which is absolutely is, as my weakness is heat.  And then I thought, maybe I reached what they call the “runner’s plateau”.  I felt my enthusiasm dwindles.  I was so lazy waking up and getting up that day but nonetheless, I got up and told to myself, I will deal with my runner’s plateau after this race (watch out for my adventure dealing with this).

On race day

We, together with my FRD friends, Red Ginger, Fern and Jet came early at the event site.  We still have time to mingle with other runners.  We saw familiar faces and mingle with Blue Zapanta at Soleus tent, Alyna and Juvy at the finisher’s booth, we also saw Saul Navarro (one of the race organizer/RG events).  At past 4am, the 21K runners were called to be ready and go to the starting line.  At the starting line, several Running Photographers are there to take pictures and also some marshals to usher the runners.  At that time, there are some thoughts in my mind… “antok pa ako… gusto ko ng umuwi”… “sige na nga, tapusin ko na lang ito”… hahaha

at the starting line with Fern and Red

at the starting line with Fern and Red… thank you Running Photographers for the photo

And there we go

The race started late at 4:45am.  We turn first towards SM Arena and got back to the Seaside Bay area.  Along the route, my mind is still battling (Oh my! am I bipolar?… hahaha).  I told to myself to just enjoy the route and think that I’m doing an LSD.  What I did is turn the volume of my playlist high and just sing with it.  While I’m running and singing, some runners are looking at me not because I’m gorgeous or beautiful, but maybe because I’m mumbling, singing and swaying my hips… Wait, I’m not crazy, I’m just weird… hahaha

Okay, let me explain.

The swaying of the hips.  This is what my diva friends called “kembot run”.  It is where you sway your hips side by side while running when you are tired.  In this way, the pressure to your running muscles will be diverted to other muscles, helping your running muscle relax for awhile.  You can get back to your running position after awhile or when you feel you need speed.  Kembot run is more effective during uphill, it has less stress to your knees.  I will tackle more about kembot run together with runner’s plateau.

Mumbling and singing.  In this way, my mind is diverted from thinking “i’m tired” to “I’m having fun singing”.  I always run with music in my ears.  I picked a playlist that will encourage me and make me feeling like Ironman.  Yes, I have the “Ironman theme song” in my playlist and whenever it was playing while I’m running, I felt invincible, I am Ironman and unknowingly, I was running faster than my usual pace (See?.. I’m only weird!.. hahaha).

at this time, I'm starting to enjoy the run... thank you Running Photographers/Manong RJ for the pics

at this time, I’m starting to enjoy the run… thank you Running Photographers/Manong RJ for the pics

Okay, back to Li-Ning Run.

While I was singing and swaying my hips while running, I noticed along the Roxas Blvd Luneta area, lots of bikers along the route.  Carelessly driving their bikes in between runners.  Yes! in between runners.  They even make fun and races between runners.  How rude!  While I was running along with two female runners from kilometer zero towards CCP area, I heard a bike tire screeching sound in between us girls, on my right side.  A biker is trying to squeeze himself in between of us girls that he almost hit me.  Take note, there’s a huge space at the side of the road and we’re just three, we can’t occupy the whole lane.  I told him “kaloka ka kuya, ang laki ng space sa gilid oh… kaylangan sa gitna pa namin?”  He didn’t look and just ignore me just like nothing just happened.

That was one of my misadventure during the race but nonetheless, I had fun.  My laziness was turned into fondness as I met new runner friends, wave to my old runner friends, talk to other runners, had pictures with my FRD family.  All in all, despite of other flaws, let’s give them the benefit as it is their first race, I had fun.  And who will complain with the fabulous Li-Ning race shirt and a nice Li-Ning Finisher shirt that is worth almost thrice your registration fee.  Congrats to the organizers, Li-Ning and RG events.  Hope to see you next year.

with the queen diva, madder Rikki Suarez.. thank you Alyna Bejoc for the fab photo

with the queen diva, madder Rikki Suarez.. thank you Alyna Bejoc for the fab photo

With my FRD family.

With my FRD family.

Special Thanks to:

Running Photographers

Alyna Bejoc

Saul Navarro

RG Events

Li-Ning Philippines

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Run United Philippine Marathon 2015


The much awaited third leg of Run United Trilogy, The Run United Philippine Marathon, is now here with more exciting event especially for the first time full-marathoners.  All 42K finishers will have run along the red carpet in their own finish line at One Esplanade.


Other categories will have their finish moments at Seaside area of Mall of Asia.  The event will also cater 5K and 10K categories.

Excited already?… Here are the details:











Assembly time, gun time and race route details will follow.  For more information, click the following icon to visit:

It will be my fourth year in joining the Run United Philippine Marathon and I am an RUPM baby ever since.  My first 21K was in RUPM 2012, my first 42K was in RUPM 2013 and last year also memorable as I got a new PR for 42K.  This year, I will again add another memorable moments in my running adventures and hope to see you there.


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