My little adventure at Li-Ning Manila Run


Last Sunday, June 28, was Li-Ning Manila Run.  I am always excited to join the race but not this time.  Wait, it’s not about the race itself but rather it’s me.  I have been weak for the past few weeks.  I’m having a hard time training.  At first, I thought maybe it’s due to hot weather which is absolutely is, as my weakness is heat.  And then I thought, maybe I reached what they call the “runner’s plateau”.  I felt my enthusiasm dwindles.  I was so lazy waking up and getting up that day but nonetheless, I got up and told to myself, I will deal with my runner’s plateau after this race (watch out for my adventure dealing with this).

On race day

We, together with my FRD friends, Red Ginger, Fern and Jet came early at the event site.  We still have time to mingle with other runners.  We saw familiar faces and mingle with Blue Zapanta at Soleus tent, Alyna and Juvy at the finisher’s booth, we also saw Saul Navarro (one of the race organizer/RG events).  At past 4am, the 21K runners were called to be ready and go to the starting line.  At the starting line, several Running Photographers are there to take pictures and also some marshals to usher the runners.  At that time, there are some thoughts in my mind… “antok pa ako… gusto ko ng umuwi”… “sige na nga, tapusin ko na lang ito”… hahaha

at the starting line with Fern and Red

at the starting line with Fern and Red… thank you Running Photographers for the photo

And there we go

The race started late at 4:45am.  We turn first towards SM Arena and got back to the Seaside Bay area.  Along the route, my mind is still battling (Oh my! am I bipolar?… hahaha).  I told to myself to just enjoy the route and think that I’m doing an LSD.  What I did is turn the volume of my playlist high and just sing with it.  While I’m running and singing, some runners are looking at me not because I’m gorgeous or beautiful, but maybe because I’m mumbling, singing and swaying my hips… Wait, I’m not crazy, I’m just weird… hahaha

Okay, let me explain.

The swaying of the hips.  This is what my diva friends called “kembot run”.  It is where you sway your hips side by side while running when you are tired.  In this way, the pressure to your running muscles will be diverted to other muscles, helping your running muscle relax for awhile.  You can get back to your running position after awhile or when you feel you need speed.  Kembot run is more effective during uphill, it has less stress to your knees.  I will tackle more about kembot run together with runner’s plateau.

Mumbling and singing.  In this way, my mind is diverted from thinking “i’m tired” to “I’m having fun singing”.  I always run with music in my ears.  I picked a playlist that will encourage me and make me feeling like Ironman.  Yes, I have the “Ironman theme song” in my playlist and whenever it was playing while I’m running, I felt invincible, I am Ironman and unknowingly, I was running faster than my usual pace (See?.. I’m only weird!.. hahaha).

at this time, I'm starting to enjoy the run... thank you Running Photographers/Manong RJ for the pics

at this time, I’m starting to enjoy the run… thank you Running Photographers/Manong RJ for the pics

Okay, back to Li-Ning Run.

While I was singing and swaying my hips while running, I noticed along the Roxas Blvd Luneta area, lots of bikers along the route.  Carelessly driving their bikes in between runners.  Yes! in between runners.  They even make fun and races between runners.  How rude!  While I was running along with two female runners from kilometer zero towards CCP area, I heard a bike tire screeching sound in between us girls, on my right side.  A biker is trying to squeeze himself in between of us girls that he almost hit me.  Take note, there’s a huge space at the side of the road and we’re just three, we can’t occupy the whole lane.  I told him “kaloka ka kuya, ang laki ng space sa gilid oh… kaylangan sa gitna pa namin?”  He didn’t look and just ignore me just like nothing just happened.

That was one of my misadventure during the race but nonetheless, I had fun.  My laziness was turned into fondness as I met new runner friends, wave to my old runner friends, talk to other runners, had pictures with my FRD family.  All in all, despite of other flaws, let’s give them the benefit as it is their first race, I had fun.  And who will complain with the fabulous Li-Ning race shirt and a nice Li-Ning Finisher shirt that is worth almost thrice your registration fee.  Congrats to the organizers, Li-Ning and RG events.  Hope to see you next year.

with the queen diva, madder Rikki Suarez.. thank you Alyna Bejoc for the fab photo

with the queen diva, madder Rikki Suarez.. thank you Alyna Bejoc for the fab photo

With my FRD family.

With my FRD family.

Special Thanks to:

Running Photographers

Alyna Bejoc

Saul Navarro

RG Events

Li-Ning Philippines

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Li-Ning Manila Run 2015

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Li-Ning is a fast-growing global sports brand which has a strong presence around the world.  Founded in 1990, the company has signed up important sports superstars like Ngoni Makusha (athletics), Marin Cilic (tennis), Chen Long (badminton), and Evan Turner and Dwyane Wade (basketball) into its fold.  The brand offers a wide array of revolutionary products in various sports discipline.

In the Philippines, Li-Ning is currently available in Li-Ning store located at SM Mall of Asia, all Juego Sports Outlets, selected Olympic Village and Royal Sporting House stores. With the continuous growth and increasing demand of the brand, Li-Ning will also be accessible to the sports aficionados in Toby’s Sports, Landmark Department Stores, Sports Central, and SM Department Stores. The brand will furthermore expand its nationwide reach by putting up Li-ning stores in major malls like TriNoma, Greenbelt, SM Iloilo, and Solenad in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, this year.

On June 28, 2015, Li-ning affirms its support and commitment to the growth of the sport of running in the Philippines by launching the first “Li-Ning Manila Run”.  The event will have its check-in area at Seaside Boulevard corner Palm Coast Avenue, Mall of Asia, Pasay City starting 4:30 am.

when and where

reg fee and inclusion

reg sites 2

 Registration starts on May 1, 2015. Awesome Li-Ning quick-dry singlets, freebies, and prizes await the participants.


Medal for all finishers in all categories


Finisher shirt for 21K finishers

please note

MOA Male

Trinoma Male Market Market Male

Greenbelt 4 Female (2) ATC Male

Market Market Female

Trinoma Fem MOA Female

Greenbelt 4 Female (1) ATC Female


Route 21k LR

Route 10k LR

Route 5k LR




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